HELP!!.. Price difference in Hongkong and Thailand?

  1. Guys,

    I am going to Bangkok Thailand next month. Please let me know how much is the price difference of Chanel goods between Hongkong and Thailand. I'm more familiar with prices in Hongkong.

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I compared prices a year ago and Hong Kong is cheaper than Thailand. But you may need to call the store to find out the current prices.
  3. HK is defintely cheaper than BKK.. happy shopping!
  4. I am from HK and never bought any brand names in BKK as they are at least 15% more expensive. HK is tax free.
  5. Button,

    What about the price between HK and US?
  6. Having been to both, HK is much cheaper and has a wider selection. Thailand is a great country but the luxury goods market is limited - not as extensive as in HK where there are at least 6 Chanel boutiques that I can think of offhand.

    HK could be cheaper that the U.S. if they still don't charge tax.

    Also, when I was in BKK in 2006, the Chanel Boutique was not even built yet in the I believe Paragon Center.
  7. Okay, thanks guys for the info :smile:
  8. Hong Kong is cheaper than BKK. I never buy branded goods in BKK. I miss HK! Was there last month and its a shopping haven!! :love:
  9. you are right, luxury stuff in Thailand is more expensive than HK, even tho you'll get 7% tax refund, it's still more expensive. I always recomend NOT to buy any luxury things in Thailand:yes:
  10. Plus the short range of variety.