Help! Preventing grass stains on my Choos for an outdoor wedding

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  1. Hi everyone! My college best friend's wedding is next Saturday and I'm her MOH. I'm planning to wear my Jimmy Choo Polite sandals for the day (since they go well with the dress and I don't need to buy another pair of shoes). My only dilemma is - this is an outdoors wedding and I don't want my lovely Choos to get grass stains and dirt on it. Anyone has recommendations or tips for preventing stains for summer sandals? I remembered reading in InStyle about some kind of sandal protector but cannot recall the name and google search didn't turn up anything. Any help will be much appreciated!! TIA!
  2. Hm, I'm afraid your best bet would be to not wear them. Sorry, I know that doesn't help.
  3. 2nd, sorry!
  4. I only found this in my search, but the company is based in Australia... Would appreciate any other suggestions/advice!
  5. Hi there! Hmm, well, I wore these to an outdoor wedding to protect the heel, but I can't offer advice on how to protect the rest of the shoe:

    SoleMates—How it works
  6. How about spraying them with appleguard? That might make it easier to clean after.
  7. They look like patent, so I don't think they will get stained, and dirt should wipe clean.
  8. Here you go! Problem solved!


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  9. ^LOL, greygirl

    The Choos are plain leather and I will definitely spray with Appleguard.

    Thanks, fieryfashionist for the solemates recommendation!!

  10. omg!!

    I wish I knew about those. I went to a funeral in heels and I looked so much shorter because my heel dug into the grown.

  11. :lol:
  12. I have a friend who uses baby oil, but to be honest I personally have never used/ worn any of my shoes where I think they might get stained/ destroyed.
  13. You could put those hospital booties over them :nuts:

    OK, seriously, go to Payless and pick up a cheap pair of shoes for the grassy part of the wedding and put the Choos on for the reception.
  14. Don't risk the Choo's.
    If the grass is wet or the soil soft after rain the SoleMates won't do the job. You'll sink way further than that in to the soil.

    I haven't worn a favorite pair of Hermes satin stiletto's since a painful stand-up garden wedding experience last year :cry: I really regret wearing them.
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    wedges are recommended for outdoor weddings..