help!! present for BF!

  1. guys i need advice on what to get my bf for our 4 year anniversary..he has EVERYTHING u can think of so i thought i might get him a belt cuz his is on the verge of dying...
    i like this ferragamo one
    but do yall think its too feminine b/c of the roundish buckle? he really likes the ferragamo gancini and so i figured this belt doesnt have a buckle that screams "look at my logo!" but its still on there for the discerning eye..

    any advice would be appreciated!
  2. I love that belt...I don't think it looks feminine, but then again I want one for myself (haha).

    you can always give him a great dinner! or a little vacation.
  3. I think that's a great belt. It's reversible so he'll get extra mileage. I especially like the fact that it's not screaming "Ferragamo." No, I don't think the belt is too feminine.
  4. I don't like the round buckle to be honest. I prefer belts with square buckles for men. Gucci has great belts for around $250. They have belts that doesn't have the logos on them. I know it's a little more money but it's worth it. :biggrin:
  5. I like square buckles on guys too but if it says the belt is for men and you like it and you think he will like it, why not?
  6. I like the idea of a nice dinner, or maybe an Ipod, if he doesn't have one already? I bought my boyfriend Tiffany cufflinks, and he loves them, although I had to buy him a french cuff shirt to wear them with! Does he wear ties to work? You could get him an Hermes tie. Its really hard with guys. You would also do something like cooking classes together or a wine tasteing class, maybe a night at a bed and breakfast.

    I'm not so into the idea of a belt. If my boyfriend got me a belt, I'd have to spank him with it.
  7. All the previous suggestions are great....just wanted to add another. How about tickets to see his favorite team or favorite band?
  8. all those ideas are great thanks!! i was looking into nice cufflinks, LV has the cutest cufflinks, but also $400 which I think my bf is gonna think is a huge waste of money. ill have to check tiffany's though! sometimes i feel like girls give our guys presents we'd like to get, but theyre too dumb to think of :amuse:
  9. Oh $400 is alot, unless the LV ones are solid gold. I can't remember how much the Tiffany ones I got were, but I really like them. They're a nut and bolt in sterling silver, they look kindof vaguely punkish to me, so I really like them. They were also in a design book that we saw, so that was kindof neat.

    I totally agree that girls given guys presents taht they're too dumb to think of! Haha.
  10. I vote stick to your instincts and burn his old belt!!
  11. I found a pair of great cufflinks for my husband. (Our anniversary is this month.) They are sterling globes that actually turn! (TATEOSSIAN)

    I'm going to get a romantic card and tell him I wanted him to have these because he's my WORLD. Sappy, I know...I can't help it.

    This might be just too sappy for you!
  12. aww that is soooo cute!!
    well i gave him the belt and he said he loved it! but i told him to go check out the rectangular one in case he liked it better...thank u for all yalls help!
  13. It's very nice.

    I'd also suggest:
    -A few books he may like (humor-books on the hottest gadgets)
    -subscription to Maxim/GQ/Business Week/Newsweek/Wallstreet Journal
    -a nice picture of yourself or take some of the two of you together to frame.
    -A set of silver coins in the year of his birthday (it holds value and silver has been sky-rocketing in price)
    -A neat looking money clip.