Help! Present Dilemma!

  1. I need some help.

    I have a total of 1500 dollars to spend for my birthday present...Should I buy one nice bag (im thinking the gucci medium hobo with the horsebit?) or buy a cheaper but still nice bag (kooba?) and then get some clothes and makeup as well....?

    What would you guys do? Thanks for the advice!
  2. Well, I think most of the ladies here are a little biased, and will probably tell you to splurge on the bag. I, too, am one of those ladies. Get the killer bag! :tup:
  3. I'd probably just go for a nice bag that I'd enjoy :smile: I love clothing too, but not as much as bags :nuts:
  4. I say the one bag too!
  5. Hmm...if you don't often have money for the more expensive bag (like then I would go for that. You can always get cheaper bags yourself and makeup and clothes...I'd go w/ a more expensive bag.
  6. I agree with the pps.. Go for the gucci bag :biggrin:
  7. Defo the bag :tup:
  8. ok well it looks like i should go with the gucci! I think thats what I'll do then!
    Thanks girls!
  9. Go for the nice bag - it will elevate anything you wear & make it look 10 times nicer!
  10. Gucci!
  11. i'd say splurge it on a classic bag that is high quality that you can use for a long time!!

    check out the gucci bag and see if you can get it on sale!!

    you will never outgrow bags... but you might outgrow clothes and shoes .... =P
  12. I think I saw some nice Gucci bags on sale at Saks 5th Ave. website about 2 weeks ago. There were 2 bags I fell in love with.......but I just bought a LV so I can't buy another bag and don't need to.