HELP: Preloved ODeon PM or tango musette with long strap?


Nov 2, 2008
I have been wanting a cross body bag from the LV mono print - and upon looking I stumble on a musette tango with long strap and an odeon PM. I need to make a decision which one I should really buy.

Here are the details:

ODEON PM - Selling for $695 - Excellent condition - current US retail Price $875 - based on date code this is made in 2009 - made in spain

TANGO MUSETTE W LONG STRAP - Selling for $495 - Very good condition - slightly carameized patina - Discontinued... the last selling price before it was off the market was $1040 - based on date code this is made in 2002 - made in spain

I would be happy to hear your thoughts! Both pictures look divine!