help!!!!!! prada snakeskin still available???

  1. hi ladies,

    i know i might be too late but i got a question: does anyone know if the prada python (the one that eva longoria wears all the time) is still available??? i´ve seen it at, but they only had/have it in brown, and i want it in grey.
    do you know any online-shop where i could get it? or has any of you seen it at a retailer store????

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. You can keep checking Bluefly and Styledrops. Maybe Raffaello Network too. Those are the only places I can think of.
  3. thank you! got it, but only in brown, so i was hoping that anyone had seen the grey one in a shop!

    if anyone has seen it, please tell me where!!!!! :smile:
  4. Have you checked the Prada boutiques?
  5. hi,

    as i live in germany, i checked the boutiques (only three boutiques in whole germany!!!) but they don´t have it. so i thought i would have a better chance by searching usa, as there are so many more retailers than the three little shops we got here :sad:
  6. hi ladies,

    please help me out! has anyone seen it in any shop?

  7. I can't remember if the NY Fifth Ave had brown or grey but there was one on the first floor in a case a week ago.
  8. BlueFLY would be your best bet.
  9. Bluefly has a beautiful brown/blue python satchel available now!
    Someone get IT!
  10. dear lyndsay,

    thanks for your effort and help, but i got my prada python bag two weeks ago. i ordered it directly from prada in milan. i am so happy! but anyway, thanks again!