HELP! Prada Python Hobo; I'm strangely drawn

  1. I'm not normally a Prada fan nor am I a fan of logos. But this one is singing to me. Someone please enable or talk me out of it. How impractical is Python?

  2. a bag like this with this type of leather doesn't have to be practical...I love it...I think its totally "RockStAr"!!!! I love the prada hobo shape as well!! but the only thing with python is that you have to mantain quiete often so that it doesn't crack and so on~
  3. I think it's cool. I don't have anything python so I have no idea about maintenance or how delicate it is.
    I do know there's some issues about buying it or having it in CA though.
  4. I love this style of Prada's too! I love python too, hee hee I'm no help, that bag is stunning!
  5. I think it is so hot! if you can afford it then BUY IT AND WEAR IT!!
  6. Looks pretty but I'm not sure how to care for it. I'd be a little scared of using it cause I'd want to baby it too.
  7. I agree that this bag screams "rock star"! It's so daring and sexy. I can see why you love it.
  8. I just seen some other style Prada "washed" real python purses with the tiny prada hardware... they are tdf!
  9. They have this bag in all black too..yum..LOVE IT in black..
  10. LOVE IT. I love Python bags. Too bad Cali does not allow Python bags in.
  11. What a great bunch of enablers you guys are? Well, I didn't need much of a push so I ordered. Now, anyone have any ideas how to maintain Python? :blink:
  12. You can carry Python bags in Cali., just can't sell them in Cali. or ship them in ............ but some retailer will ship them.:noworry:
  13. I hope to get one next time I go out of Cali. It's so nice. Is maintenance easy? I'd guess is pretty strong since pythons wiggle around on the ground so much.:P
  14. Wow, you ordered? Can't wait to see your pics!
  15. I have a Prada Python Hobo, not the large one in this pic, but the smaller one with a little triangle instead of this huge logo.

    It is VERY durable! I'd thought I'd have to baby it, but no - it's my main bag for going out these days. Cost me about $2000, but worth every penny! I love it!