Help! Prada Dressy Tote - is this fake?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I purchased a Prada dressy tote recently from eBay. I asked all the questions before hand, etc., etc., but today I received the bag and the handles don't feel right! The rest of the bag looks great, the leather seems high quality, etc., but the two handles feel flimsy and like they are not thick enough/firm enough and the leather covering the handles is "crumpled" and lose feeling rather than taught. Looking closer at the gold hardware used to attach the handles and strap - non of it is stamped 'prada'. Also, there were two authenticity cards in the bag! which sort of raises my suspicion. It doesn't have any 'feet' on the bottom, and on the magnetic closer inside, there are no markings - serial numbers or anything. It is eggplant colour and has gold hardware. I'm not an expert on Prada, please help me!!

    Is anyone able to give me some things to look for on this Dressy Tote to determine if its real or fake. I want to feel certain before I file a claim with eBay, etc.

  2. You need to post pics in the "authenticate this Prada/MiuMiu" thread.
  3. Sorry about that. Do you know how I move/delete this post?