Help!! potty training nightmares

  1. I wanted to know if you guys have any ideas on how to train my 3 year old to go potty. What worked best for you. I have tried everything that people suggest to me and all fails. I didn't have this much trouble with my other kids but this boy is being so stubborn... Should I just leave him alone til he is ready or should I continue to push the issue. Help!!!
  2. What methods are you using now? I haven't potty trained any of my own children, but I have assisted in potty training my cousin and the children I have nannied for. If we know the methods you're using, then we could give more specific tips
  3. ^I agree.
    But I also think a week reprieve can really help.

    Have you tried NOT putting a diaper on him and putting him on the potty every 15 mins or so? Sometimes w/ a book helps ;)
    Have you let him pick out his own big boys underwear?

    I'm potty traning 2 3yr olds right now, I HATE potty training!
  4. I think when I switched to a cloth diaper (when they were around the house) it helped, because it's such an uncomfortable feeling. I remember with my oldest boy, I set his little potty out in the back yard and let him run around with no diapers, and I had him sit on the potty every 1/2 hour or so. I would give him an animal cracker and make a big "hooray!" fuss:yahoo:, even when he just sat on it.

    The turning point was when my mom sent me "It's Potty Time"-a video that was a hit with all three of my kids, (and there's a 3 year span between all of them). I would park them in front of it and they would sing along to this ridiculously cheesy video "Tra-la-la Boom-De-Hey, I pull my pants away..." or, "Wipe, wipe, wipe yourself, alway front to back, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, now you've got the knack!" And my favorite: "She's a super-dooper-pooper! She can potty with the best! No more diapers to get in her way! We are very impressed!" (These are all songs that are sung as you follow these kids who are at a birthday party, excuse themselves to use the bathroom-) I'm not kidding-it worked like a charm. Afterwards, we'd imitate the kids in the video and march and sing into the bathroom...I highly recommend it, if it's still around!!!
  5. :lol: God I can't wait to be a mom :p
  6. I hate to say this, but my son was much harder to train than my daughter, and he trained later, as well. But what worked with both was buying "big boy/girl" underwear. They were so happy to have something that made running around easier, and not as bulky or itchy. You will definitely have a few accidents, but it motivates the kids to train so that their cool new underwear stays clean.:p When we first started, I also did the "let's go try!" thing every 20-30 minutes. It's a good way to get them used to going regularly and not getting caught up in other stuff.
  7. Maybe take him to the bathroom after he eats?

    I trained one of my cats to use the litter box by locking him in the bathroom with a turkey pan full of litter.

    (Normally cats are automatically trained to use the litter box. He wasn't using the litter box because he didn't like the litter we were originally using.)
  8. I'm going through the same thing with my son, he's even the same age! He's not really talking yet and I think that has allot to do with the potty issue. I am reading this book (the book is at home and I'm at work, sorry I'll post the title later) that says, you shouldn't push potty training too hard or it will be a nightmare for the both of you. So I've given my little man some space for awhile. I am encouraging him to tell me when he has to go as I'm changing him, I think it that is helping. I want to try it without diapers soon. Kids can realizes when they go and I hear that they don't like the mess in their pants. Everyone tells me that's the trick. I am not looking forward to the mess I have to clean up though!

    Good luck with you and your little one!
  9. I used to rush my son to the potty for a BM because he got all red in the face before he 'went', and as for urinating I tried to get him to the bathroom when he started pawing his crotch and acting uncomfortable.

  10. Well I tried the taking him to the potty every 15 to 20 mins and allowing him to just wear undies. My mom said it is best to let him wear undies and when he wets he will feel uncomfortable. But my son doesn't seem to get bothered when he wets himself. He will just continue to play without a care. When he wears his pull ups he will tell me he went potty but that is after the fact. He will not let me know before he has to go. I currently moved his potty to the livingroom so he can sit on it and read a book. I guess it is just hard for me because I work full time and I don't have all day to spend with him. So I guess he gets confused about what he is suppose to do. I get upset with my hubby because he goes the easy route and just puts a pull up on him because he doesn't want to clean up if he has a poop accident.
  11. I waited with all of my kids until they were about 2 months past age 3 and I just told them that they were now big and would have no more pull-ups. To my embarrassment as a parent, they must have been ready for some time because each of them just accepted it and used the potty! All I had to do was tell them that they could no longer make poop or pee in their pants.

    I just did this Monday with my youngest, and she has been dry and clean ever since (though not night-trained yet)!

    With my eldest, I just took a bunch of books and toys into the kitchen, left him pants-free, and told him that we had no more diapers/pull-ups. We had to stay in the kitchen until I knew he would use the potty because I wasn't going to risk the rugs and furniture to an accident. He used the potty and never had a daytime accident after that day.

    So I guess I am bad with advice. What worked for me was waiting until they were more than ready and then just telling them to do it!
  12. I do think that it's important to wait until they are ready. I tried the potty with my twin boys when they were two, but it was a battle, and I gave it up. We still had the potties out and they sat on them, but I didn't force the issue. Then when they were 3, we got serious again, and they were trained in a very short time. What worked for me was having a paper for each of them posted in bathroom, and they got to add a sticker each time they sat. Also, a fish cracker each time they went--we don't buy those normally. And we bought a new, short story book (Thomas the train) that we only read while they were on the potty.

    I'm a teacher, so potty training happened during the summer.
  13. I went through this w/ my son too. He was just over 2.
    He did not want to stop playing either. I tried everything too, the every 15 minutes, little boy potty chair, daddy going with him etc...

    NOTHING worked...

    I finally got real firm with him after he popped in his underwear just one time too many for me. I brought him and the dirty underwear into the bathroom and firmly explained that POOP goes in the toilet. I proceeded to dump it out and into the toilet and say "see". I also brought out a tin of chocolates that I told him every time he used the potty he could have a chocolate form the tin.

    The tin stayed in the bathroom for him to see.

    After doing the "firm" showing of where poop goes a few times and combined w/ the chocolate...we DID IT!:yahoo:

    I think he is like my husband... a little lazy unless I become so firm that they BOTH listen...

    Who knows~ the next one maybe harder and may need another route...

    Good luck!:tup:
  14. DD also liked books (the one she LOVED was called "A Potty for Me"), but it really came down to her desire to do so. She had no problem using the potty for #1, but I swear, I think she actually liked to go #2 in her pants b/c even though she would use the potty for it at first, she resorted to going in her pants even once she was using the potty consistently to pee. Once she started preschool, she just stopped b/c she didn't want to be in diapers (she started when she was about 3 and a half). Whatever you do, don't force it or you could have a big issue on your hands - I had a friend who constantly fought with her oldest about potty training and that child was still in diapers on and off when she was 5!
  15. The potty was a nightmare. My son is three and now trained. We did battle for 6 mos., with truces of a week or two.

    He did not want "big boy underwear" and said "no" to everything. We had him run around barebottom but it made him so mad. He demanded his pamper, and when he didn't get it, he would poo and pee on the floor! I felt like a gigantic loser. I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about potties and training pants.

    So traumatic!