Help posting pictures???

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  1. Can anybody help me out and tell me how to post pictures? I want to post my new bags!!!! Is there a sight I can go to for total dummy's?:wacko:
  2. Thank you so much ,I will print that and look it over carefully. However, I still don't know how to take a picture of my bag at home with a digital camera and then post it and share it with you. I am so unaware of this.Thanks again for your response.:smile:
  3. That is quite easy! You will just have to transfer the image from your camera onto your computer, resize it a little (800x600 is a good size), and then you can attach it to a post the way I described it previously.
  4. Thanks Vlad!!! I will learn how this week-end and hopefully post my new dark red paddy like megs!!!-Noriko hang in there! Vlad, you are awsome!!!!!!!!
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