HELP!! Post Office problem!

  1. OK, so I have no idea what to do here...

    I shipped something from eBay to someone who lives in Hololulu- zip code: 96816, I was looking at my post office receipt and they sent it to zip code: 96916 which is GUAM!! Thats not even the continental US!

    I have no idea what to do except call my post office at the crack of dawn tomorrow to ask them to find the package somewhere and stop it. I sent it with delivery confirmation and it says its already in New Jersey.. has this happened to anyone, can it be solved..

    I already emailed the buyer, but im so embarrassed.. I dont know if its the post office's mistake or mine when I was writing the zip code on the box... ahh im so scared.. help please!! :crybaby:
  2. well i havent had this happen or any experience with it
    but all i can offer is that hopefully everything will be ok
    i highly doubt your postage that you paid for it to go to Hawaii would ever be enough for them to send your package to guam
    and so i would think it would be sent back for not having enough postage

    clearly your idea is right hopefully you can stop it
    but i think you may have it sent back for lack of proper postage, which is good cause then you get it back and can resend it

    goodluck keep us posted
  3. Well isnt Guam considered part of the US so it will have the US prices??

    Also, the box says Honolulu but the zip might be diff.. or it might be right, i dont remember wht I wrote on the box or is it just a mistake by the PO guy.. maybe it just says Guam on my receipt...

    I mean if it says Honolulu on the box, why would they use the Guam zip code?? Dont they check these things???
  4. The good news is, Guam is a US territory, so it's still US mail.

    It'll be okay, I have this good feeling about it. Don't be embarrassed. Once I had two auctions up, both were for a collectable horse, the only difference was one was brown and the other was Palomino. Yup, you guessed it, I shipped the WRONG colored horse to one of the buyers! Luckily I caught it before I sent the second horse out, and I was able to get the right horse to the right person.

    As my sainted Momma always said, "Doo Doo occures". Makes life interesting!
  5. oh oops is it the same postage i didnt know that sry!

    But what you see on your receipt is what they type into the computer, not necessarily whats on the box
    if they misread it off the box and typed it in wrong it could still totally be right on the box

    do you feel like you remember writing the right zip cause you may have done it right and they typed it in wrong, and i think then it should go to the right place,,

    as far as if it was wrong i dont really know which they pay more attn to the zip or where it says the city,,,
  6. Were you able to call the post office to ask them to stop the wrong colored horse from being shipped out?
  7. Yeah thats what im confused about, I dont remember at all if I wrote it wrong or if it was a post office mistake... ill still call them tomorrow to see how they would handle this.. :confused1:
  8. Oh boy! One time I wrote the wrong zip code and it came back to me undeliverable. I remember that the USPS used to look at the address ALONG with the zip code and make the necessary corrections. I guess, since they have less work now (I'm being sarcastic - since people are using other means to ship ie paying on line, using FedEx/UPS) they are getting lazy. I've had so much problems with the USPS lately. I guess in your case that's good and hopefully it comes back to you as undeliverable or for lack of postage. Good Luck!
  9. At least you've let the buyer know right away of your mistake.
    Mistakes happen.
    At least you caught it in time and you're working quickly to fix the situation.
    That's all you can do!

    I know if I was the buyer I would appreciate knowing.

    Good luck!
  10. I think it will probably be sent back to you because the address doenst match but hopefully they can catch it by looking at what you wrote.
  11. Yes, let the buyer know. Tell her you will resend it if it comes back to you.

    Normally, if it gets to the Guam PO they will re-route it to the correct zip code.
  12. I've received things before from eBay that had my wrong zip code (and sometimes my wrong house number!). So hopefully they'll see that you addressed it to Hawaii and re-route it, or at least send it back to you as undeliverable.
  13. Yes, this is what im hoping..I sent it with a tracking number, so hopefully that will keep me up to date. I called this morning and the guy said that if it said Honolulu, HI on the box (which it does) then it should go there first, disregarding the zip... so im hoping that it gets fixed without coming back to me.. my poor buyer..