HELP ! pore minimizers

  1. to all makeup experts !

    I have always had a problem with pores on my face... everytime I look into the mirror, I see pores on either side of my nose jumping out at me (yeah. that is how I feel).

    I have been using makeup from CLINIQUE for pore minimizing (foundation).

    Can anyone out there recommend any type of foundation ( and any other makeup) that would help reduce the look of my pores (oh, how I hate them!)

  2. Clinique also has a pore minimizer.
    Its in a tube and works well to concealer enlarge pores.
    I'll try to get you the exact name.
  3. ^ it's clinique's pore minimizer instant perfector. ;)
  4. ^I don't really like it that much. It's too difficult to blend out properly.:confused1:

    I've just tried it a couple of times so far, though.
  5. I have large pores and have never been able to get anything to work. I usually will steam my face and then use biore strips on my nose. There was a thread on this about two or three months ago and a lot of the gals had some really great advise. You might do a search.