Help Por Favor!! Rouge Paddington

  1. Hey gang! I am contemplating a ROUGE Paddington Medium satchel purchase. Does anyone have any pictures modeling it?? PLEASE?

    A fast response would be good. I am just worried about the tone of red as I have not seen this in person.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Selena dont have pics modelling it but I have been told this is exactly how it looks IRL.
  3. ahh I took this one a couple of weeks ago of my daughter carrying it for me.


  4. secret shopaholics colour is much more true to life tho ;)
  5. Oh snap!!!! I love it!! Thanks guys!!!!!!!
  6. Excellent Selena - hope you get it - keep us posted. It is my favourite bag as it is so gorgeous in colour and everyone stops to look at it when you are out as its so differe.nt to the other colours out there
  7. I am totally getting it. Your picture is exactly how I was hoping it would be. Sooo pretty! We will be twins! HEE HEE!
  8. Congrats - cant wait to see your pics when you get her then Selena - well done you soo won't regret it.
  9. YAY Selena! Get that paddy! :nuts:
  10. LOL Got it!!! Will post pictures when it arrives.
  11. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Woohoo!
  12. Congrats Selena!

    secret shopaholics and chloe babe: are they the same bag??? The colours look completely different?!
  13. I think it's the lighting...
  14. As some of you know:rolleyes: , I happen to have the rouge '06 AND the red from '05. Both of them are gorgeous. The only difference is the '05 is more of a lipstick slightly orangey red, (very slightly orangey!) and the rouge for '06 is fire engine red. The leather on the '05 however, is the soft, buttery leather so that is the main difference IMHO. If you like a red bag, you can't go wrong with the rouge. EVERYONE looks at that bag when I wear it. You will love it:smile::supacool:
  15. I am sooo excited!!!!