Help! Poll: Burberry Manor or Beaton

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Manor or Beaton?

  1. Manor

  2. Beaton

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  1. Hi !! I'm new to this forum and currently debating between the Burberry Manor and Beaton in Brown leather. I want to buy a bag that will last me a while (both in craftsmanship and style), and I can use it all the time. Let me know what you think!!


  2. I love both of them but in the mini size.
  3. I think the Manor bag is more grand than the Beaton
  4. I'm afraid my stuff will fall out from the Beaton!
  5. I love the Manor. It's so classy!
  6. I love the Manor!:tup: But don't get me wrong the Beaton is classy.
  7. My vote goes for the Manor
  8. Neither are my style. I prefer more delicate lines. But if I were to pick one, I'd pick the Manor; looks more practical to me.
  9. The Manor! I have one in "oxblood" and I love it. It's very comfy to carry and looks so chic and elegant!

    The Beaton is a gorgeous bag too, but the lines are more casual IMO, so it just depends on your style. But I think the Manor is the more classic of the two.
  10. I went to the Burberry boutique today looking at a possible Manor then the SA introduced me to Beaton. The mini Beaton looks classy and nice, in fact nicer than the Manor mini and is exceptionally roomy! U should compare them IRL and U'll know what I mean. However I prefer the classic boxy stuctured shape of the Manor.
  11. Manor
  12. Manor.
  13. I went to the Burberry boutique (just out of curiosity) and was fell in love with the mini Beaton. 2 weeks later I owned one. It is pretty roomy without being big. Also, comfortable to carry either on arm or on shoulder.
  14. I went to look at both minis. I really love the look of the Manor with the black leather and Housecheck. But it's a little too small, and getting in and out of the strap then zipper would drive me nuts! I ended up getting the mini Beaton in the tan with Housecheck. It's a much more functional bag with all the pockets and zippered section in the middle. I just wish it came in black leather with Housecheck, since I really need a black bag. But I figured there's black in the Housecheck so I'm going to stretch it!
  15. How about getting the mini manor in dark nickel? You can use that with black.