Help Poison Ivy

  1. I am in hell. I have poison ivy all over various parts of my body.
    Does anyone have any thoughts as to what can relieve itching? I have sterioid cream from the doctor, doesnt work. Benadryl...doesnt work.
    Any home remedies?
    I am at the point I will rub feces all over me if it takes this damn itching away!!!!!!

    HELP ME!!
  2. Feces would definitely lead to infection, LOL! Have you tried bathing it in a mixture of cornstarch and water or calamine(spelling?) lotion. Gold bond lotion in the green bottle is really good, too.
    Poison Ivy is all over the place in PA this summer.
  3. Gold bond?? Ok sending my husband out!!!!! Thanks!
    Keep the ideas coming!!
  4. My SO just had Poison Ivy pretty bad. I got him this cream called Zanfel. I think it helped with the itching. On the bottle it says it washes away poison ivy and also relieves itching in 30 seconds.
  5. I think that is for when you are intially in contact. I have had it for a week and all the plant oils are gone..just the rash remains...I am dying!
  6. I think my SO had it a couple of days before I found this to get him. On the FAQ on the zanfel site this is what it says:

    Q: Do I have to use it soon after I get the rash?
    A: Zanfel is effective at any point after contact with poison ivy and will provide relief regardless of how long you have suffered with the allergic reaction.
  7. Hmmm Jenn I am buyin that too! Thanks for the help!!
  8. I would ask my SO how he liked it, but of course he just went out for a bit. When he gets in, I'll ask. I know its like $30 something for a 1 oz. tube so it better have helped.
  9. I would try anything at this point. The worst part about it, it last for weeks. Its nasty. I dont wish this on anyone!!!
  10. Selena, you need to go back to the Doctor (or to another doctor) and get a shot!! I had poison ivy like that once, and during the day it was uncomfortable, but in the middle of the night it would wake me up and DH and I would be out driving around searching for all night clinics to make it go away!! Just get a shot (I think it's steriods or something) and it will improve drastically!!
  11. Selena....Selena...Selena..You MUST got to DOCTOR!!! LOL! CHICKEN!I told ya you need prednisone..itll work instantly to help get rid of it!!SILLY GIRL!
  12. Calamine Lotion!! (sp?) It's in a pink bottle and it is pink. My mom has always used that on us. Or maybe if your hubby asks the pharmisict he has something behind the counter he could give him. Good luck, Selena, I feel for ya!!
  13. Selena,

    DH wanted to save a buck and decided to pull up PI from our backyard. Needless to say he is covered. He washes with brown laundry soap in the shower in the morning (with the hottest water he can stand) and soaks in an an oatmeal bath in the PM. He got the steroid shot, and prednisone pills and cream. I can't tell you which is the magic cure but he feels better. Maybe if you do them all the chemicals lull you into a false sense of itchlessness!!! Hang in there.

  14. I JUST got over a horrible exp. with it. I was working in the front yard, removing trees/brush.

    Try Cortaid Intensive Cooling Spray and most of the Cortosine Creams. Ivy Dry also works well.

    The good things is that it does not spread and is NOT contagious, but it will show up over the next couple days in areas that just haven't reacted yet.