[HELP] Pocket Organizer Defective?

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What do I do?

  1. Keep and Repair

    4 vote(s)
  2. Return and Refund

    1 vote(s)
  3. Wait until store opens and goes from there?

    7 vote(s)
  1. #1 Apr 5, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
    Hi All - So I bought this gorgeous Orange Monogram Pocket organizer 575CE11E-EE57-48BB-B510-C062AAAE0F81.jpeg

    it’s truly the prettiest thing I have seen and also my first LV product directly purchased from the store...

    I purchased it online and upon receiving it I was immediately disappointed to noticed black a black blemish on the canvas on the wallet itself!!!!

    B666738C-2246-4BAC-A032-3A5923A7CF9E.jpeg F1004C3D-F2A7-4D16-9782-CE5ACAA21A25.jpeg 0120BCEA-E5FC-40F1-8749-5485296F34CE.jpeg

    Now I called LV and they told me since it is sold out online I wouldn’t be able to get an exchange in this same colour ( which breaks my heart)

    The advisor suggested that I send emails to document it and get an assessment on A) wether it’s repairable and B) if it will get worse

    so I took his advice and did so... the person who responded to my emails continually just told me that they aren’t taking repairs at this time and did not document nor asses the damage at all.

    At this point what would you guys do?

    1) Will this get larger / worse?

    2) Can Louis Vuitton Repair something like this blemish?

    3) Am I just being too nit picky?

    I’m thinking of possibly exchanging this wallet / returning it for a Cobalt Monogram Pocket Pocket organizer but it doesn’t have my heart as much as the Volcanic orange, which I would prefer to keep..

    please advise me and let me know what you guys think as I am lost!!! This purchase has gone from exciting to trying in such a short amount of time :sad:

    *** important EDIT ****
    Forgot to mention going to the store is a last option for me as it is 2 hours away, i would go to get it asses and repaired once the stores open; if customer service can give me and confirmation that it could be repaired but I’ve yet to have this

    please help :heart:
  2. Sorry but it does not seem noticeable to me. Looks like you have to super zoom to see it. I would not let it bother me but if you ever happened to be by any store, go in to see if they can wipe it off. If not, just enjoy.
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  4. I’d keep it. If it’s sold out online it could be a while before you find it again. Plus, that color is amazing!
  5. Is that a pen mark? Maybe a wet q-tip can help.
  6. Hang on to it for a while and see how you feel. It looks like a pen mark and I doubt that it could get worse. Then when the stores reopen decide if you can live with it. The color is gorgeous.
  7. I would keep it and enjoy it. The colored linings tend to have minor imperfections, but this is a minute imperfection compared to wonky stitching, misaligned patterns, etc. The last thing you would want is exchanging it for something potentially worse.
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  8. #8 Apr 5, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2020
    When I click on the photos, I can definitely see the mark.
    I would keep it, but if it bothers you, keep checking to see availability.
    If it bothers you a lot, then change it to another color even if it's not your first choice. If you do this, maybe get the blue one first to make sure there are no faults before you return the orange wallet?
    I had gotten a second choice before with a card holder, and upon using it, I fell in love even more.
    Maybe once you have the blue in person, you'll love it just as much, if not more.
  9. I can’t see anything.
  10. Something like that wouldn’t bother me.
    Honestly as you use the pocket organizer you’ll get other marks on it. I couldn’t even see it until your zoomed in photo.

    This isn’t a big deal to me so I didn’t vote in your poll. Not a defect so IMO it wouldn’t be right to have used it and returned/exchanged.
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  11. I would keep this as it’s sooooo minuscule, just a tiny tiny molecule of a mark. And as above poster said, you will likely gather marks on it with use.
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  12. My vote would be keep it, use it, love it. It’s a tiny little mark.

    Nothing is going to be perfect and you are going to mark it up yourself. I wouldn’t use chemicals on it and I wouldn’t give up something that you love so much for a colour you don’t love as much.

    The important caveat to this is that colour is gorgeous but it is also potentially going to have noticeable marks. So, if you can live with that, see above. Otherwise, if visible marks are going to make you nuts, maybe you might have to return it.
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  13. I can see a dark shadow on the leather like it was rubbed against something. I would return I'm sure theres stock somewhere with the stores being closed. Customer service from what I read on a couple of LV threads doesn't give accurate information on availability of products.
  14. That’s a good point. OP if you can’t stand this piece showing marks it probably isn’t for you. It will show marks with wear (on the exterior no less).

    I thought it was the shadow too until I opened up the zoomed in photo and there’s an actually small dot + line that were circled.
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  15. LOL!!! I only looked at the top photo never looked at the bottom photo. :lol:
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