Help!! Pochette strap tearing/ripping at loop part!

  1. Ahh! I just purchased this bag used online ~ and where the strap loops within it self seems to be breaking!!

    Has anyone else had this problem!? What should I do?

    Do you think it will crack all the way through?
    LV 003.jpg LV 004.jpg
  2. hi

    i think it looks fine to me thou

    in pochette acc is worst off then u...the part near the D ring where it chops lv made in Spain...there r cracks by the side...after a few mths...n i hardly use my LV...
  3. Don't worry, it's normal. It's just because the leather needed to be split before the strap could be attached correctly. The leather is very strong and as long as you aren't pulling on it all the time and being rough on it, it'll be fine. A couple of my pochettes are like that as well and I've never had a problem with it.
  4. Okay goodd thank you girls!
    I was worried the cracks would just grow all the way to the end.

    I called 1866 and they said the replacement strap is 115$!
  5. ^No problem, it'll be fine though, don't worry. The leather is really tough. :yes:

    Also, thanks for saying how much the replacement strap was, I always wondered lol. I knew the one without the studs is $61.
  6. Looks ok to me. Enjoy your new bag!
  7. Thanks everyone!! :heart: I was so worried!!
  8. LOL So you guys really dont think it will be a problem?! I am so anal! If I use it maybe...5-6 times a long do you think that part would last for??

  9. ^It'll last years that way as long as you're not yanking on it. Like I said, it's tough vachetta, it's meant to withstand regular use, otherwise the straps on most bags wouldn't be made out of it.
  10. OKAY :smile: Thank You!!!:yes:

    I will just use it and enjoy! And not worry about the strap!!! I am going to use it this weekend :smile:

  11. yep my pochette strap is the same, its just the stress from things to get that hook through that hole.. no worries.

  12. You're welcome-enjoy!
  13. it looks fine. if anything the loop is just stretching. the straps are pretty tough
  14. it will be just fine..
  15. I think it will be fine too!