Help! Pochette Metis Glazing Concern

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  1. Just received my pochette metis in the rose poudre color and I noticed on the front flap part of the bag, the glazing part is not smooth straight. Is this normal or a defect? I’ve attached pictures. Thanks in advance for your help! Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

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  2. Normal - done by machine not hand.
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  3. My guesses are normal but showing very poor craftsmanship from the house. I’ve seen bags of similar price range from other houses with the same poor craftsmanship. It bothered me enough to pass on that bag. If it doesn’t bother you, simply enjoy it!
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  4. As others said, normal.

    It doesn't ruin the overall look of your bag, IMO, but I will also add that the edges of the leather may also lift more with wear. I had an empreinte wallet (dark grey) where, at the edges, the surface of the leather started to lift/wear in a couple spots. It still looked good after 2 years because of its dark color, but I don't know how it will show on the light pink leather of yours.
  5. It all depends how you rate "normal". IMO a bag that costs a lot of money should not have ragged edges.
    However, it's not terribly noticable, which is good. I'd use it and take it back in to show them when the boutique reopens. Good luck.
  6. Normal. This is how they come.
  7. Nonsense...
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