Help: Pochette Accessoires

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  1. Hello all, I hope your day is going well. I have a few questions about the Pochette Accessoires. I've always liked it and thought about getting one when I was in college, but I never did because I used to carry the whole kitchen sink with me. Now that I'm married with a kid (20m old), carrying less is more. As some of you may know, I recently got the DA Croisette, which I'm 100% in LVoe with. However, my daughter is a monster (literally); I've caught her chewing on the tassel once and she left some teeth marks on it . Therefore, I'm looking for an alternative option to carry my daily essentials. I thought the Pochette would be perfect as it's small enough for on the go, the price isn't too bad, and I'll be able to replace it whenever since it's a permanent piece.

    I think the Vernis, DA, and Monogram are screaming for my name. I wasn't sure which one to choose so I need your help! I usually love DE, but I'm not in love with the DE Pochette because it looks a little boring. The Epi is OK, I don't love or hate it. Just wondering, does LV ever come out with these special silk-printed Pochette (I know they do for the Mini Pochette)? Also, I know the Vernis can be kind of stiff so will the Vernis fit less than the canvas Pochette? Will it be harder to get your things in and out? Lastly, where are they usually made? Just wondering because the cloth tag for the US-made bags kind of bugs me.

    The closest LV store is 3+ hours away from me so unfortunately I won't be able to try it on in person. Thank you for your help! xx
  2. Just had to :roflmfao: at the carrying the entire kitchen sink comment! The only pochette I own is the one that came with my NF GM. Sorry, not much help but that comment of yours! :giggles::lol:

  3. Lol glad I provided you with a good laugh I had the NF MM Pochette, but I sold it because I didn't find it useful (wish it wasn't completely flat).
  4. I have the monogram pochette NM and love it. It fits a lot actually. If you check out the pochette clubhouse thread, someone fit quite a bit a couple times (she even had her cardigan in it).

    I also purchased a couple non LV straps (chain and leather) to use if I wanted to carry it as a crossbody and like it this way. I am considering getting a monogram strap, but will try these non LV straps more often before paying for that one. I mostly have been carrying mine by wrist or on my shoulder.

    Mine is made in France and I just got it about a month or so ago. You should go to the store to try some out if you live close enough to one.
  5. Purchased one in DE a month ago along with a LV long strap so cross body is an option as well. Added a bit of bling with my LV Circle bag charm to dress her up. Love it, more than I imagined.

  6. Thanks for the info!! I just went over to the clubhouse and saw lots of pictures. It was very helpful.

    It's great to hear that you're loving it. Dressing it up might not be an option for me. I'm afraid that my daughter will destroy the charm LOL Just curious, what made you choose the DE print?
  7. I just purchased the DE and can't wait to use it!!! I also purchased a regular Wristlet strap and a chain Crossbody strap (non Louis Vuitton) for it!!!
  8. I have the epi coquelicot Pochette NM and love it. Been debating on getting one in either DE or mono, but I also like the new Pallas Clutch. Just wish the Pallas clutch's outside pocket had a magnet like the regular Pallas. In regards to getting in and out of the Pochette easily, yes and no. If you try and pack it full it'll be harder to get in and out of.

    My SA ordered an Alma BB replacement strap so I could use crossbody and I love it so much more being able to wear it crossbody. Mine is MIF.
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    Originally intended to purchase one in EPI noir, but after considering a strap for crossbody felt DE was the best choice. Besides Pochette in EPI is just a bit boring to me.

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  10. My monogram canvas pochette accessoire is roomier than my epi and vernis ones. The material is more pliant. They all look sleek and, for the price point, well worth the cost. Have fun picking one out! ;)

  11. Congrats! It sounds like most people get an extra cross body strap/chain for the Pochette. Just curious, what made you choose the DE print?

    Glad to hear that you're loving the Epi Pochette. The Pallas Clutch is really cute. You should get it if you really like it. Thanks for the info!

    Thanks for the picture. Yeah, I can see how the Epi Noir can be a little boring since it's all black! I wish they had electric Epi for the Pochette.

    Thanks for the info. That's good to know. Maybe I really should make a trip to LV to see all of them in person. It's really hard to make a decision just by looking at the pictures online. Sigh.
  12. I have two Pochette NM's. One in Monogram and one Damier. I use the Ebene strap from my Alma BB Damier to make the Pochette a cross- body and I just bought a Monogram strap for my Monogram Pochette. I LOVE wearing them.