help plz !

  1. Hello !! This is my first time browsing this part of the tPf. I was @ SFO airport last week, and saw this beautiful lady carrying a MJ big rectangular handbag/tote in light brown (orange-ish) color with straps, and I didn't know it was MJ until I saw the transparent logo printed all over the bag....

    so i kept looking at the bag and thinking that I need to get one, and she ran to board on the plane, and here i m asking for all your help to help me identify this bag.

    i looked at the ref. lib, but couldn't really locate it.

  2. oh the whole bag is all leather (but I am not so sure about the handle)
  3. Is this the bag?
  4. unfortunately no, the one i saw was very structured like the hermes tote i posted above, and the color is like [​IMG] this paper bag, i don't quite know the name of this orange-brownish color.
  5. * another thing * you can't adjust the straps at all.
  6. i wish that person @ the airport is a tPFer so that she will just tell me what the name of the bag is :smile: