Help Plz

  1. I will be moving pretty soon and I will like to do some research on the neighborhoods before moving in. Does any of you know of a website where they provide you with ratings, population, car thieves, etc. reports on a neighborhood?

  2. Try a search for on the Chamber of Commerce for the city or town you are thinking of moving to.
  3. ^ sorry for my ignorance but how do I do that? TIA
  4. Google Chamber of Commerce XYZ should come up with the link..:flowers:
  5. Where are you moving?
  6. I live in Mesa AZ and Im planning to stay here, just a different city (phx)
  7. I'm in Scottsdale. Chandler and Scottsdale seem pretty safe. Scottsdale esp.
  8. is one of the worst sites...ever, especially the forums lol. not helpful..

    When you're looking at houses / apartments, be sure to talk to some of the neighbors. Explain you're interested in moving into the neighborhood and you just want to get to know it a bit better before you make such a large decision.
  10. I know Snossdale ... lol .... is very safe but also expensive.... and I work in Central Phx so I will prefer something closed to work.... I was thinking somewhere around the biltmore are which is nice too.

    Ooohhh we need to meet !!!

  11. Thats a great idea. Thanks for the link