Help plz, Something in damier ebone as shoulder bag....


Help me decide, damier ebone!

  1. trevi pm

  2. berkeley

  3. neverfull

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  1. I'd like to get something in damier ebone and I need a shoulder bag.
    I was going to wait for the neverfull but I can't decide..

    Trevi PM

    which one would be good for me? I'm 5'2. thanks tons!!
  2. Trevi PM is beautiful, but if you want a shoulder bag specifically I say the neverfull. Its going to be gorgeous!!! By the way I'm 5'3 so I get the size thing.
  3. The Trevi PM is screaming your name!!! It's THE hottest bag IMHO.
  4. Berkley is beautiful, but def. not a shoulder bag.
    Trevi would meet your requirements and is gorgeous and meets your requirments
    Damier has not been released yet...sometime between March-April
  5. I would wait for the neverfull:yes:
  6. I'd definitely get the TREVI PM. :tup:
  7. Trevi PM! Without a doubt! This is one of the best bags LV has introduced in a long time, IMO!
  8. wait for the neverfull or get the trevi pm... such a beautiful bag..
  9. Trevi PM ... I love how it can be shoulder/handheld bag!
  10. neverfull! great shoulder bag!
  11. :heart:TREVI, TREVI, TREVI :heart::drool:
  12. TREVI PM gets my vote!
  13. Neverfull Gets my vote! :yes:
  14. In Damier - for SURE the Trevi!!!
  15. hot!!!!!