Help plz! How to buy Chanel from US and ship to overseas???

  1. Hi, I’d love to get a Chanel Arizona bag but they don’t have here in Australia. At first I thought maybe it’s just fate. I’ve got 4 bags in one month time that I love so much and shouldn’t be getting any until early next year. Maybe it does not belong to me. It should come to me if it’s mine. However, I’ve been thinking about it day and night! I love it and want it so badly! It’s a perfect evening bag and that’s what I need!

    Then I remember I’ve read somewhere in this forum that Neiman Marcus or Saks have it and they ship internationally??? But how? What no. should I call? What should I say to the phone operator? I’d like to speak to a Chanel SA? Then what? Tell her/him the serial no. and provide my credit card no.? Shipping will be the worse part. How much do they normally charge to send a bag overseas? Will they provide me the tracking no.? Do I have to pay tax? Can I ask them to send it as gift and send the receipt separately? Oh, god! These questions may sound stupid. I’m just too nervous. It’s a pricy bag and I don’t want anything happen to it. I even worry about the SA may send me a wrong bag or a bag with condition problems. Am I making a right decision?

    Help please! ...thx in advance~

    Below is the link of a forum member who has the Arizona. It's just so gorgeous~ :love:
  2. You can call my SA Shannon at 972.629.1700, ask for Handbags then when they pick up ask for Shannon, she's the Chanel Specialist.
    She told me she ships out of the country all teh time, her store is open for 2o more minutes.
  3. Wow, Swanky mama, you are fast! :nuts:

    Thanks for your help. I'll give Shannon a call. :rolleyes:
  4. Yikes! It's after 9pm here now, here's her voicemail in case you don't get her:
    972.629.1700 ext 1301
  5. Yes, Neiman Marcus ships overseas so you should be able to find an Arizona bag to be shipped to you. I know there is one (and just one) at my Neiman for sure.
  6. Just know that when it enters Australia, you will need to pay import tax on it, which can add up to another coupla hundred dollars.
  7. I try online conference with Neiman Marcus and they told me they don't ship overseas. Maybe i have to call direct to them.
  8. yes, call a store. . . that's why I'm willing to post my SA's name. Maybe you need to find someone willing to do it{?}
  9. I don't think Neiman Marcus online ships overseas but I know they do at the stores. I have shipped something to a customer in Canada before.
  10. Thanks everyone~
    Christine, you are very sweet.

    I haven't made the call yet.
    I'm thinking to call Paris first and hopefully they'll have one with the chunky handle in gold color :graucho:
    In that case the price probably cheaper compare to US and if I can find my dream bag, I don't mind to pay a little extra for import tax. As long as it arrives safe and sound :wlae:

    Does anyone with personal experience purchase from Paris and send to you?

    I wish they could tranfer the bag from Paris to Melbourne. It'll be much better to pick up the bag from the boutique. The idea of shipping directly to me is kinda scary. Let's see what will happen next. Get the bag and take the risk or let pass? I can't make up my mind. :sad:
  11. Hello Dollymic

    Just drop an email in and they'll forward the email to the customer service on your country. then the CS will send the email to you and discuss what you want, check the stock for you locally. if not available, track globally (only chanel shops) for you and transfer to you if needed.

    this is my experience. i was searching for the beige caviar medium classic flap around May and dropped them an email. then the email was fwd to the SA in Hong Kong. the SA emailed me to understand my needs and said it's not available in HK until Oct. from another forum, the bag was available in Melbourne Chanel and I told the SA. then she tracked it down and transferred it to me. 1.5 weeks later, the bag arrived nicely and i picket the bag up, just on time for my birthday. here you go with my lovely bday gift this year.. :smile:
  12. Thanks billbill, that helps a lot!:yahoo:
    Did you email your local shop in Hong kong or others?

    By the way, your bag is fabulous and you look gorgeous with it~
  13. I have just emailed my local Chanel. The last time I emailed the boutique interstates, it took more than 2 weeks for them to get back to me, and with all the wrong information, I was disappionted. I hope Melbourne will act faster than that.

    Actually I've asked the SA last sunday about this bag. He told me they will not getting any in Australia because of the price tag. So, it's firm they don't have it here and will not have any in the future. Now, I have to wait and see if they willing to offer me to check it gobally and tranfer to me~

    be patient, be patient, be patient. Hopefully, there will be one bag for me!
  14. Hi Dollymic

    Just drop an email in and the local chanel staff will email you. I think the email goes to chanel office instead of chanel shop since the SA in shop keep telling not available but the lady in office (which emails me) said they can track the global stock and then send the bag into the shop I find convenient... last time i emailed chanel melbourne shop also (just asked the price) and they're pretty slowwwwwwwww

    Thanks for your comment. One night I was in the restroom before leaving office, just thought the bag is gorgeous and took a pic w my mobile in front of the mirror.. :P

    Good luck with your bag hunting. :girlsigh:
  15. billbill, you are very sweet, thanks for your help, i'm apprecated!