Help PLZ...Has anyone seen a Chartreuse SOPHIA anywhere???

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  1. I am on the hunt for the Sophia in Chartreuse as pictured below. Has anyone seen this bag recently or happen to know where I might find one? Thank you!:flowers:

  2. After a quick search, it looks like the Chartreuse Sophia is only available at Treesje's own website. I wasn't able to find it anywhere else. Maybe someone else will have better luck.

    However, if it is just the chartreuse color you're looking for, there are some really cute bags in Chartreuse -- the Monaco, Sebastian, Juniper, and Cypress Mini -- on sale at Clutch Seattle.
  3. I looked as well and could only find it at I will keep searching.
    The Sophia:heart: is an excellent choice - it's one of my FAVE bags!!

    Good luck!!:flowers:
  4. Thank you babyblue4, lvdreamer and Zombie Girl! Will keep hunting as I'd rather not have to pay full price...
  5. Out of curiosity does Treesje ever have promotions or codes on their website?
  6. I haven't heard of any code so far. They do have sales to clear older seasons' bags, though, so it's possible that the Spring 09 bags may go on sale in a few months (that's just a complete guesstimate re: timing). There were still quite a few styles when the Fall 08 bags were first marked down, IIRC, so the Chartreuse Sophia could still be there when they mark the Spring 09 bags down.

    Also, re: the tPF discount, it was only ever applied to the Cream Magnolia special order, and AFAIK there are still no plans to implement it for the site. You can read Treesje Chick's response to this in the Questions for Laura and Sheila thread, I believe.
  7. Thanks starkfan. I really, really want the Sophia, but am just not sure if I should take the plunge at full price...
  8. If you really want the Sophia, maybe you could call Treesje and see if they would be willing to give you a discount -- like the discount for the cream magnolia -- for the Sophia. It might be worth a shot. Or ask them if they have any plans to put the bag on sale soon...
  9. I just hate that I can't see this bag irl and I have to order it online. I see that charges a $70. restocking fee for returns, so if I don't love it, I guess I am out of luck being that I can't find it anywhere else right now.
  10. Hi Girls! I was just about to announce a discount that is being applied to our website for part of our Spring 09 bags. This includes: Ashers, Hudsons, Metro Clutches, Tristans, SOPHIAS, Audreys, Monroes, Avas, Marseilles, Sebastians, Geneva, Monacos, Hendrixes, Presleys, and some Mortales. The Sophia is now listed at 35% off! It is now only $400. Go check out our website today. Want you girls to definitely get first dibs! =)
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:This seals the deal for me!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU Treesje Chick! I am off to get my Sophia!
  12. OMG, awesome! Thanks for posting that, Treesje Chick! scoobiesmomma, glad you're gonna snag the Sophia now! :biggrin:

    (LOL, you're fast, scoobiesmomma, I was just gonna post that in the Deals thread too! ;))
  13. I placed my order!!! Will let you ladies know when it arrives... Can't wait!:yahoo:
  14. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see the reveal!!