Help! Plz get me out of an eyeshadow rut!

  1. Hey!
    I would like some help (I know you girlies are experts!). I am in the rut of applying gold and light brown eyeshadow. I want to wear different color eyeshadow, but I don't know what to pick! I have brown curly hair, my eyecolor is hazel, and i have porcelain skin. If that helps.

    Cheers Darlings :smile:

  2. Go to a discount store and look for one of those things leftover from the holidays that have 9 squillion colors for $5 in a huge flat palette thing.

    Then get yourself some Q-tips and just go down the line, experiment with unlikely color combinations, like a pearly pale pink under the brow and a soft olive green in the crease.

    Then switch it around, mix some white with mint green, put that under your brow, and try a russet color in the crease.

    When you find one that works, you will be able to tell immediately, then you can pry those colors out and put them in an old duo compact that used to hold your gold and light brown.

    The advantage - and the challenge - of hazel eyes is that there can be so many colors there that you have all kinds of possibilities, and nobody can even guess what is going to really make them pop unless they are staring at them up close in a strong light, an activity that you are more likely to do than anybody else. So explore and discover. Try things that you think will look just awful. Sometimes that can cause the most delightful astonishment experience ;)