Help! Plume 32 or 28?


Nov 21, 2007
Dear Hermes Experts:

I am new to this site. This is my first question posted to this community. Thx for your answers.

What are the differences btwn the Plume 28cm and 32cm? Which is "better," and for what reasons?
What is the best leather, soft or structured? How tall should one be to carry-off the 32cm? Same for 28cm?

(If you could draw comparisons of the Plumes to the Kellys of the same size, it would give me a good reference point.)

Does the 32cm Plume look like a suitcase instead of a handbag?

Does the 28cm Plume have enough room to put things into?

Of the two sizes, which one works best with a 90cm scarf tied to it? (some bags are too small for a full 90cm scarf)

Does the zipper scratch one's hand when using the bag?

Any other advice on the practical issues of using this bag would also be great.

Thank you for your input!


Nov 21, 2007
Hi Zoopla! Thx for the welcome. This site is amazing! Hope someone out there owns both sizes of Plume bags. :smile:


Jan 22, 2006
These are not mine but reference pics of plume 28 and 32. Plume Doc looks more like a suitcase.

Plume 28

Plume 32

I like both sizes in epsom/ostrich/croc/box and bright colors. A twilly or pocket square works better on a plume. A plume 28 is for night-outs and plume 32 more for day but either sizes, you can use them from day to night.


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Mar 14, 2006
New England
Hello and welcome! I own a 28 plume in a bright red; it easily holds the same as a birkin 30 or a kelly 32; it has width to it.....; also the zipper doesn't bother or come close to scratching my hand (i.e. lv speedy!); I do think the 32 would be too large for me to carry as a purse -- the 28 is more than big enough! Of course it depends what size bags you carry and your height as well -- good luck in your hunt! It's a great bag...


Nov 21, 2007
Dear Friends,

Thx for your welcome & replies! I also just received a helpful message from a Plume owner (several bags), who says she likes Box leather better than Clemence.

Does anyone have an opinion on the Plume in chevre? Is it as lightweight as the Box?

I plan to get my bag in a very bright color. Maybe for that one, I will get a 28cm.

If I get a neutral, maybe that would be better in the 32 size?

Please chime-in w/ any opinions on this. I love this site!

Thanks again.

(also, pls bear w/ me; I'm still learning how to reply/post messages and all. I'm using the quick reply now, but not sure which message it's replying to!!!)