help pls.

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  1. hi guys,

    i need your help again... i wanted to give my friend the "damier azur pochette".. but i'm worried that the strap is too short for her.. is there a thing/way that i could buy to make the strap a little longer? i know this sounds a little stupid but i haven't have any experience with pochettes, so i have no freakin' idea:nuts: .......TIA.:P
  2. I don't have a pochette either, but I think there IS an extender that you can purchase. Also, I have seen some pictures here in the forum where people have used bracelets or necklaces to make some very pretty extenders.
    What a terrific gift!
  3. :girlsigh: ANYONE?

  4. Yes, there is an extender, sometimes called a key chain. Here's the silver epi version on elux: eLUXURY - null - null=
  5. Whoops - I clicked and it's out of stock, so that link won't show it, but there's a picture if you search "key chain epi" in Vuitton, you'll find it.
  6. Yeah, there's an extender. I use one with all of my pochettes. I think the official name of it is the "bolt key holder" or something like that.
  7. yeah, it's actually a key chain..... I have a bunch of pochettes and I've never used anything to extend the strap, I'm about 5'6" and 110 lbs but not super petite....
  8. Comes in gold as well, it will make the strap a little longer.

    [​IMG] Louis Vuitton
    Epi Key Holder
  9. The extender works awesome, you can find a few on Ebay for around $85. There is also a thread around here somewhere with creative alternatives to using the extender (like bracelets and such)
  10. I'd definitely go for the extender. I think it's actually considered a keyring.."bolt keyring" or something? But it was sold to me as an extender and I'm SO glad I got mine. It works wonders for my pochettes :yes: