help pls.


Dec 1, 2006
hi guys,

i need your help again... i wanted to give my friend the "damier azur pochette".. but i'm worried that the strap is too short for her.. is there a thing/way that i could buy to make the strap a little longer? i know this sounds a little stupid but i haven't have any experience with pochettes, so i have no freakin' idea:nuts: .......TIA.:P
I don't have a pochette either, but I think there IS an extender that you can purchase. Also, I have seen some pictures here in the forum where people have used bracelets or necklaces to make some very pretty extenders.
What a terrific gift!
yeah, it's actually a key chain..... I have a bunch of pochettes and I've never used anything to extend the strap, I'm about 5'6" and 110 lbs but not super petite....
The extender works awesome, you can find a few on Ebay for around $85. There is also a thread around here somewhere with creative alternatives to using the extender (like bracelets and such)
I'd definitely go for the extender. I think it's actually considered a keyring.."bolt keyring" or something? But it was sold to me as an extender and I'm SO glad I got mine. It works wonders for my pochettes :yes: