HELP pls, what should I do? help!

  1. Hi,

    I won an item on e-bay, paid with paypal. Now I just expect the delivery, the seller said she sent it on Friday but forgot the tracking number at the office and will send me information on Monday. Now I haven't got any reply from her and when I went into e-bay it said that the seller is no longer registered user. I know that we are in different time zone ( I'm in Sweden), but if she doesn't reply my e-mail soon I will need to act quickly to stop the payment. This makes me very nervous, it's only my second time bidding/winning something on e-bay but the first one was on e-bay UK.

    I really hope this is not what I'm afriad to be, but if it is I'm going to contact my credit card company.
    Do you know who can I contact? someone in paypal or e-bay?

    Any advice, please help
  2. Sorry to hear that! You can go into this transaction in your paypal and click the resoluation center at the very bottom of the transaction detail page.
  3. meledywei, thank you so much. I will definately do that.

    The seller actually sent me a tracking number, which can not be found on the web site of the company she claims to use. I can not believe this is happening to me, she seems to be reliable with positive feedback.

    I really have a bad feeling and makes me afraid of buying from e-bay now, this will take a long time for me to heal and will never buy from non-power seller.
  4. Open a claim with paypal immediately! Just based on the problems getting the tracking number (should be very simple) and that the seller is no longer a registered user (bad sign.)