Help pls - waterproof eyebrow makeup

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  1. Hi, Ladies

    My mum's BFF is having daily multiple menopausal hot flashes.

    Every time she has a hot flash, parts of her eyebrow and other make up sweats off.

    Not a pretty picture. Her eyebrows are blonde.

    Mum told me about this problem.

    After lots of searching, I found and tried a sample of one waterproof eyebrow fluid. But the user must use a tiny artist's paintbrush to draw individual eyebrow hairs on her face.

    Mum's BFF says waaaay too much time on a daily basis. (But OK for special evenings out.)

    Can you help? Please?

    Canadian and US sources are both helpful.

    TIA :heart:
  2. Revlon colorstay or Maybelleine's Expert Eyes. The latter is specifically for eyebrows and doesn't smudge off or slide off. Colorstay is smudgeproof/waterproof, but it's more of a crayon-type eyeliner, so I find that if I use it on my eyebrows I have to blend it in with an angled brush to make it look natural.
  3. What about tattoos or getting them tinted?
  4. I draw my brows in with just regular eyebrow pencil/shadow, then put on a coat of She Laq from Benefit. It waterproofs them brows until you wash it off with soap. To make they look softer after the she laq coat, I usually dust on some brow powders again or just my face powder.
  5. definitely tattoo, mom has it and went thru meno w/o a hitch.