Help pls! Rolex in San Francisco..

  1. Do they have a flagship Rolex store in San Francisco or around the Bay area? Or just official retailers? If yes, where? Thank you very much in advance..=) I really don't have a clue as to where to find one..
  2. No flagship in SF. Try Tourneau at the San Francisco Centre (they have the Bloomingdale's and Nordstroms at this mall).
  3. Thanks peace43!=)
  4. Also, Ben Bridge is an authorized dealer for Rolex. Not sure where there is a Ben Bridge in SF, but they do have stores in No. CA and So. CA. There is a Ben Bridge at Valley Fair mall in Santa Clara (less than an hour south of SF).

    Tourneau is also in Los Angeles and Orange County area as well as in Las Vegas and NY.

    Good luck!!! I love Rolex!!
  5. Thank you again! You've been really helpful!:yes: The Rolex is not for me though, I can't afford it yet (I'm just a med student hehee) but I also love it. My BF's dad is asking me for a favor finding a certain style because the style is not available here in Manila where we live.. I'll be going to SF tomorrow for a vacation so I hope I'll find it..=)
  6. Julianna's jewelers in Corte Madera (Marin County) also has Rolex. Hope you have a great time in SF.

    [My mum is half to you, my kababayan!!]
  7. hello etagaya!! Thanks for your help!;) SF is one of my favorite cities in the US..=) I love windowshopping in downtown..heheh