Help! pls post pic of navy blue color

  1. A friend offered her navy blue pic is blurry, cant see the real hue. ive checked the color thread, found one but i cant see the pics....

    anyone who have a navy blue...pls post a pic!

    Appreciate it tons!
  2. Do you mean marine? I can take some pics of my marine Day if you like. You can also do a search in the Documenting Bbag colors thread above. There is also a thread somewhere which dissects the various blues. HTH.
  3. Heres my now sold 05' Navy Twiggy.

    I have also posted some pics comparing Navy to Cornflower for your reference.

    Navy is an AMAZING colour, and the leather on my Navy Twiggy was fantastic.

    Hope this helps!

    PS - The first pic, navy is the city and pic 2 the Navy Twiggy is the top one :smile:
    Corflower_first & Navy_city.jpg Navy top_Cornflower bottom.JPG
  4. that's helpful for me, thanks!
  5. [​IMG]

    Fashion-cult : Love both blues....they are fabulous....:yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. Thanks Celia_Hish, fashion-cult & luvmygirls0 for the infos and pics :smile:

    is the navy 05 the same with navy 07? im going to get the Large Partition Bag with GH from the spring-summer 07 collection.

    hhmmm....this may sound funny, but i already have a blue fabric emilio pucci bag. it does have the same shade with navy. but this is leather....and it looks something different for a leather right?

    how will you compare navy with camel/tan color (easily get dirty but i dont have that color yet) with chocolates/brown (i already have a bag in this color)?

    help me ladies!!!:confused1: this is my first balenciaga bag.

    :heart: you all!
  7. Navy 05 is from FW 05, the SS 07 Blue is Marine which is much darker blue.

    Hmm...I don't think the Partition Bag comes in GH...
  8. thanks incoralblue:smile:

    i dunno about the GH....i was told the top closure is gold (the same with camel, chocs and black)

    how dark is marine?
  9. saw the marine at atelier naf! it looks promising....cant wait for it to come.

    thanks for the help guys! :smile:
  10. Heres a pic of my marine if that helps

  11. Incidentally I would say the pic with all three bals together shows the truest to colour of all the pics.

    This is the city as well so gives you an idea - its my favourite bag by far!
  12. Shopaholic - your Marine blows my mind everytime I see it!! :nuts: Mine is alot darker, and don't get me wrong - I :heart: my Marine, but yours reminds me of a mix of blues & is just TDF!! :drool:
  13. thanks secret_shopaholic :smile:
    now it really really looks promising :wtf: the blue hue is a subtle elegant at its best....all year round color too!

    tsk tsk....but the choc color (at atelier naf) looks lickily luscious too!!!

    balenciaga colors and leathers are TDF:sweatdrop:

  14. Aww bags4 thanks so much!! I love her too. Have to say she is one of the most unique ones I have seen even in all the stores. Siri hand picked her for me in Bal Paris and defo picked me a good one!!!

    She is currently my favourite bag of all!

  15. Bagdizzy decisions decisions huh!

    I would say personally you may get more use of marine all round as choco may be a little too heavy for the summer months coming - just me that thinks that though. I am sure whatever you go for will be fabby either way - keep us posted.