Help pls!! How chic are BBags? (Job interview)

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I will be returning to Australia in a month and will have to go through to a few job interviews and am wondering if my black City or First are chick enough to wear with a black suit and a white blouse for a job interview?

    Thanks in advance!:yes:

    P.S. Would love to see pics of you ladies in a chick outfit w/a BBag!
  2. What industry are you in?
  3. I think you should go for something plain...non bbag. If you don't have anything plan, just be sure to tuck the tassles in.
  4. I'm currently in International Relations yet am planning on changing to HR as soon as I am back in Australia.
  5. Hmmm...I know folks in HR...they do tend to dress the corporate part, at least here in the US. So if you're applying to a hip company, I'd say go with the b bag. If you're applying to a more conservative company, like a big law firm or something, I'd say play it a little safer -- the b bag is pretty sexy and makes a very strong personal statement.

  6. Thanks for your responses, ladies!:yes:

    I think you're right, Highglossfinish- I should probably try to go with a safer bag if I am unsure about the company- I probably have to buy another bag then because my BBags are my only nice black bags:rolleyes:
  7. I would go with your First - nice and smallish, and IMO classy enough to be carried to an interview...
  8. You can always remove the outside tassels on your black First.
  9. ^^That's a fabulous idea! I might just do that!:yes:

  10. I agree with elongreach, I think you should go with something more never know what kind of environment the company is, even if it's a trendy laid back company. The fact that you will be in HR, people tend to be more observant and detailed in terms of the little things of a new applicant... the way they dress, speak , body language, etc.. the whole first impression (in my opinion) matters....

    Good luck on your interview! and let us know how it goes!! ;)
  11. Yes, a first absolutely!! Just don't bring your marigold, rouille, or Eggplant ;)
  12. I support our blackberry users here on campus - (not students - the administratives) - and pretty much have to look the corporate part - I always carry one of my firsts.

    I don't think people notice them as much - especially the darker colors. But the bag looks very nice (and corporate - ) in my opinion.

    I would definintely go with a black first. rather than an LV, chloe, fendi spy - something trendy like that - I would stay away from.

    Also stay away from the cheapo penny's purse :smile:
  13. Thanks for your thoughful responses, ladies!:yes: The opinions on the first seem to be a bit divided...Hmmmm, maybe I should take the first to most interviews apart from the really conservative companies?

    I also agree with you, Rocco, that logo bags as well as trendy bags are an absolute no no-that's mainly why I was considering my BBags. My main concern were the tassles on my BBags and I also feel that the first in black is a lot more subtle than he city.

    I would definitely appreciate more opinions as I know that a lot of you ladies work in a very chick envirnoment and I am very curious what you would think if someone turned up in a chick suit, heels etc and a BBag :yes:
  14. I think if it was a more neutral colour and you tucked in the tassles it would be fine! Especially if it were a first.
  15. ^^Thanks for your response, Sammydoll!:flowers: