help, pls help me pick a bag!

  1. I received my batignolles horizontal today from Elux. It is a nice bag but simply too wide and deep for me. I wanted a work/everyday shoulder bag. What are your thoughts about:

    Popincourt haut
    Batignolles vertical

    I'm afraid PH is a bit boxy. Noe's vachetta's bottoms scares me. Or maybe BV since it is not as wide.

  2. The bh works great for me as an everyday bag, but if you don't like it I would suggest the vertical. The ph is really not big enough for a work bag and you said the noe vachetta scares you. What about the petit noe? Or maybe an epi noe?
  3. Depending on your needs the Popincourt haut is very small and the little beads I heard from other PFers drives them batty with the clacking. Batignolles Vertical is taller the the horizontal so you won't get away from the depth. You should avoid the Noe completely since it is extremely caveronous.
  4. Popincourt haut
  5. Popincourt Haut!!
  6. Popincourt Haut ;)
  7. Hi there,

    I have a BV. I've compared the horizontal and vertical in store, and liked the vertical one better. I also didn't like the wideness of the BH and people bumping in to your bag because of this wideness (hope you understand what i mean...)
    The BV is roomy and therefore perfect for (handsfree) shoppingtrips etc. It is deep, but you will get used to that. I also use a medium purseket in mine to organize.

    Good luck choosing a bag! :flowers:
  8. I,too like the BV better. I tried both on at the store and like the BV better and I am saving for one right now:yes:
  9. what about the cabas mezzo, or the vavin gm?
  10. Cabas Piano may be a good choice, the Mezzo is also quite deep and wide. I have the BH and Mezzo and I find it harder to maneuver with the Mezzo. The BH seems to work just fine as an everyday bag. I don't find it that wide (I guess because I carried the Mezzo for the last year).
  11. I guess I want the functionality and practicality of a tote without looking like I'm carrying a tote. I'd like something a bit more ladylike. Is it too much to ask for? I can see how BH is a great work bag but I just think it's too big for an everyday bag. I don't have the budget to get 2 bags now, and just trying to find something that can work both ways. I love the buckles on the batignolles and find it quite elegant for a tote. Too bad it is too wide. Maybe the vertical would work. :sad:
  12. I am not a fan at all of the PH but what it sounds like you're looking for is the PH--def. more "ladylike."

    If you don't want a "deep" bag, it doesn't make sense to go for the BV since it is deeper than the BH.

    Also, perhaps look at the Cabbas Piano. That might work for you as well.

    Good Luck!
  13. My fave is the Popincourt Haut.
  14. I love the popincourt haut, loves it ! It has a zipper if you're afraid of open top bags, but it's slightly smaller capacity wise than the BV. You could always take the plunge and get both.. :graucho:
  15. BV, I am thinking to get one myself.:yes: