Help Pls! Gold Kelly or Birkin?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I saw a 32 retourne gold Kelly togo with GH today for sale. Should I get it? I wanted a gold Birkin but when I tried the Kelly today, I kind of fall in love. Now the dilemma. I bought 4 bags this year (orange Birkin, rose dragee kelly, hac and evelyne):p, and feel guilty adding another big purchase. Is gold Kelly easy to come by again? Also, price is also another consideration. Since I wanted this in my collection, a delayed purchase means that I have to pay extra for future inflation. Given the situation, will you get it? Thanks for your advice.
  2. Does it make your heart flutter? Do you have the funds? If the answer is yes to both questions-Why not! A gold Kelly is a gorgeous choice.
  3. I agree with Nola! If it made your heart flutter, then a gold kelly is an excellent choice! You will love it!!!!
  4. You have to treat each bag purchase individually. If you have the funds and are attracted to a particular bag, then go for it. Sometimes, all the bags you fancy become available in the same short period of time. Other times, it takes ages for each one to show up and become available. You ask yourself the question, if you did not have any H bags at the moment, would you consider buying this bag and commit to owning it for a long time. Will you enjoy it as much if it was your only H bag purchase?
  5. If you love it and can see yourself wearing it, get it! I think everyone should have gold in their H bag collection :yes:
  6. Dear Ms. V:

    Did you said "SALE"?! What's the pause then....

    For some reason, I'm more attracted to GOLD in Kelly 32 than in Birkin... Maybe the color and leather plays a big factor whenever we choose 1 over another....

    If this bag gives you the feelling 'MUST HAVE' and you'll loose sleep over it, then put yourself out of misery and GO GET IT!!!

    I am a BAD influence, hun?!

    Can't wait to see what you've decide....

    By the way, LOVE your choices in colors so far!!!
  7. i prefer gold in a kelly over birkin. casual and elegant!
  8. If I :heart: It ~ It's Hard To Walk Away.....But, You're Still Thinking About It....I Say Go See It Again :yes:
  9. I love GOLD so I'd say go for it! A gold Birkin and a gold Kelly for me are two completely different bags with different looks.

    But most importantly, you need to love it!
  10. Took the words right out of my mouth! I have loved just about every gold Kelly I have ever seen. Of course, I am about to get a gold Birkin, so...:heart:
  11. Gold is a fabulous neutral and it is a super colour in a kelly or birkin. Can you imagine yourself using it frequently and lovin' it??
  12. I totally agree. :yes:

    Just make sure you aren't settling for whatever is
  13. Take a look at LaVan's "GOLD....." thread for some fantastic inspiration.
  14. IMO, a Gold TOGO Kelly isn't easy to come by because TOGO isn't easy to come by now. Gold "reads" differently in the various leathers, and I'm over the moon about how Gold looks in Togo. A 32cm Retourne Gold Togo Kelly is a fabulous find!
  15. GET IT! Run, don't walk! You will get alot of use out of it.