help pls for Bbag choice

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  1. I am 4'11, slim, and I am about to get my first bbag. I want it in black, but my problem is, what size should I get--the First (12" x 8") or the City (14" x 10")?

    Thanks for your time and help!!
  2. How much stuff are you going to carry in it? If you don't carry a lot, go for the First. But if you need more capacity, go for the City. I have both and tend to use my Firsts for going out at night and my City for when I also want to carry a book and water bottle, etc.
  3. I think a 1st will be better n more proportionate unless you have lots of things to bring around.

    You can do what I do sometimes n that is make paper cuts of the sizes n look at yourself carrying that in the mirror.

    Good luck :smile:
  4. I'm about 5'2, 103 lbs - and I have and love the city. It's a very, very functional bag - plus chic, hip, and sexy.

  5. It depends on how much you plan on carrying and how you'll wear the bag. The City looks bigger when carried as a satchel. But if you use the shoulder strap, it slouches perfectly and looks smaller. So, if you need more room, go for the City. They both will look great on you.
  6. I agree that it depends on what you plan to carry with you. The first is way to small for what I normally carry. I just purchased a city and I love it. The first would be great for evenings out and weekends.
  7. I have read many comments about the First being too small for everyday use. I would get the City over the First.
    Have you considered a Twiggy? It holds a lot, but does not look big at all.
  8. I'd get the city b/c of it's capacity to hold a lot of stuff :o) Congrats on deciding to buy a bbag! Yahoooo!!!
  9. If I can ever come up with the bucks I want a City. Im significantly larger and taller than you but I would think you can fit more stuff in the bigger bag.
  10. the city, for sure. the 1st is way too small, IMO, for everyday use...
  11. I'm 5 feet tall and 93 lbs and the City is not too big on me. I do prefer the shape of the Twiggy though. It's slouchier! :heart:
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