Help! Pls find me a Violet Giant Work

  1. Please help me find a Violet Work with Giant (Gold preferred, but Silver is :tup: too!) Hardware.

    Please include the contact details of the store and their shipping info/policy (if you know them), as I'd need international shipping.

    AR and LVR doesn't have it :crybaby:

    MANY TIA!!! :heart:
  2. peppy, There's one on eBay..
  3. Just sent you a PM
  4. Thanks ladies, I'm hoping to find one at retail price, anyone anywhere?
  5. hi peppy,

    there is one on, not sure if its the giant size though.
  6. I returned mine to Neimans in Tysons Corner VA yesterday (its unused, too big for me)
  7. Peppy, I saw one just yesterday at the NM in Denver. Brand new with GSH and absolutely fabulous:yes:
  8. NM in SF had two avail!! I spoke with SA Alma on Monday. Good luck!
  9. louvisaviaroma has one plus theres one on eBay:smile: