HELP Pls! Classic Flap - Black or Bubblegum Pink?

  1. I have been struggling for the longest time!!! I want to purchase a Classic Flap as the second bag to my tiny Chanel collection. (My 1st bag is a Cambon bubblegum pink). Would you get Black with silver chain or bubblegum pink with silver chain? Please help. Would love to hear your advices and opinions! TIA:yes:
  2. Black with silver chain
  3. Black/Silver HW.
  4. Black. Especially since you already have a pink bag.
  5. already have a pink, spice it up a bit with something different.
  6. I say black since you already have a pink.
  7. black with silver chain...
  8. Black w/ silver hw
  9. I don't know...the bubblegum pink lambskin is something out of this world! But black is the more practical choice...
  10. I always think black will last you the longest since it is a classic and you already have a fun pink bag
  11. Since you already have pink, my instinct is to say black, but I believe there is talk of discontinuing the pink. Black will be much more practical, but I personally love pink! Sorry, I don't think I helped very much. (i'm a very indecisive person, even when it comes to what other people are getting. LOL)
  12. I would get black only because u have pink already
  13. just curious, is it even possible to get the bubblegum pink flap?? That color is TDF!
  14. Black. You already have pink.
  15. definitely black