help pls!belem mm

It caught my eye when I first saw it, there's something about it that I like and there's something about it that I DON'T like. I like it, but not enough to this going to be your first piece from LV? Also, I'm not a shoulder bag person, prefer handheld/arm (Belem PM).

those are exactly my thoughts :sad2: its not my first piece of lv. my third actually, i also have the mono papillon 26 and a mono speedy30. i really wanted something from the damier line and a shoulder bag at that. i hate to admit it but i might have made a mistake on this one. i got it a few days before the saleya came out...ouch!c now i realized i want the saleya more than the belem :worried: :sad:
I know here in Aus you have 30 days to return in (and it is exchange or credit note ONLY). I would call your SA ad explain the situation and let them know that this bag is not the right bag for your needs...go the saleya (which are you thinking pm or mm??)
i think i prefer the pm for the saleya. i tried the mm and it looks big on me esp since i plan to use it as an everyday bag. if i had the money i would get both :love: i think the mm is a good bag for travelling.
i think i prefer the pm for the saleya. i got the belem on a trip so i e-mailed the lv store today asking them about their return policy. i have a friend who's going on vacation to the same place by the end of the month so am hoping they can wait till then.:worried:
hi there shalomjude! im just so happy to let you know that i was able to return the belem mm and didnt have to wait for my friend to go because our local lv store accepted the items today!!!! im so thrilled i got the saleya mm and a cerise pouchette . thanks for your help in helping me decide. i really appreciate it.:biggrin:

p.s. the lv store where i bought the belem also agreed to exchange the item but i just tried my luck on our local lv store so i dont have to hassle my friend with a carry on lv bag on her trip. :love:
sorry for the typo. i got the saleya pm. the smallest one. i tried the mm but looks too big for an everyday bag. im really happy with the saleya actually sits well on my shoulder. i didnt wanna make another mistake so i must have tried the bag in the store for half an hour lol!!! am trying to post a pic but i couldnt figure out how to re size it again :Push: are you also thinking of getting one shalomjude?