Help plis.. Price of Croco satin..

  1. Hi.. Everyone. I need some help. Does any one know the price of croco satin in any size? (East west, 225, 226,227) in US, Singapore n HK? Thanks for u guys help.:heart:
  2. I got the 227 size and it was over $3100 usd
  3. Size 227 in Hong Kong is around HK$26,000
  4. 2100 Euros for the 226 (approx $2900+)if that helps!Gorgeous colours btw!
  5. Wow the price!!! For satin!!!!! faints* we need a new icon for *faint*
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  7. Im not sure if you're talking abt the cocos crocos but here are some prices in USD --
    *2.55 med classic in dk grey jersey and red jersey $1895 dimensions 16x25x6 cm
    *cocos croco pochette in black, purple and turquoise satin $2895 dimensions 13.5x26x5 cm
    *cocos croco small classic in black and turquoise satin $2995 dimensions 14.5x26x7.5 cm
    *cocos croco jumbo classic in black satin $3395 dimensions 19x31x7 cm

    courtesy of a tpfer...
  8. Thanks for all ur helps. I am actually looking for east/west price.. Does anyone know? Thanks alot
  9. HI everybody! I want to buy the coco croco in purple (the silk version):love:. I just saw someone noted there was the small classique and the jumbo, was there no other version in between those two. My SA at Brussels only had a small one (I think the 'small') but they were going to send over a model from Antwerp that was just a little bigger. So my question is, does anyone know which model that could be? The jumbo?

    I already have a the classique one, I think in size medium but I'd like ùy coco croco to be a tad bigger. I think it looks better since I'd like to use it for the day and I could fit more stuff in it.

    Thanks alot;)
  10. Are these still in stores? I LOVED them when I first saw them but will not pay that much...
  11. fjgjhgkl;hflgh;flh,g;fl,hgf,ghltfghklfghmglf,hbg............

    Oh, sorry that was me faint on my keyboard. :p

    Very pretty bags but way too much for me to spend.
  12. Angel I 've seen e/w, 225 and 226 of the silk/satin with gold h.w(right now black/turcqoise and purple in 225 are at the Vienna b window although they received the e/w and 226 over a month ago!)
    BTW the 2100 Euros price was for a 226 if I recollect right!I haven't seen or heard if they were released in 227 though!But that could be for the jersey ones with the silver/jersey chain!:smile:

  13. Thanks alot:flowers:, I guess I'll just have to wait till my SA in Brussels calls me to say the larger size from Antwerp has arrived. She told me it would be about 4cm larger (in length) than the bag they had and that one was about the size of my classique. I'm just soo anxiuous to see it:love: and I can't wait tille she calls.
  14. Helen and Angel I just come back from the C-b with some info on prices and sizes-BTW this time I got the answers from the B's MA and most of the bags were on the shelves :
    CROCO COCO SATIN(with gold h/w):comes only in e/w,224 and 225.Prices for the e/w =1950 Euros,for the 225=2050 Euros-the 224 is 2000if I recollect righr caue they didn't have it on show
    CROCO COCO JERSEY(with silver h/w and jersey/attached chain):
    comes in 225/226/227(not sure about smaller sizes)
    the price for the 227 is ...2280 Euros! They had it in black,dark purple and orange-it also comes in other colours too!
    Although I love the feel and look of the satin-great evening bags btw!-I must say that the jersey looks so sophisticated and boheme!esp the purple!:yes:
  15. Oh.. Chanelspell.. u r an angel. Thanks alot for your help.