Help Plis.. Member from HK

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  1. Hi... Any Pfers from Hk, I will be travelling to hk end of this month n thinking of selling some of my bags to the branded bag shops like Milan station, Paris, France or VIP station. But I am not sure which shops give the best resell price, Can anyone tell me which shops is the best choice for me to sell my stuff? Thanks alot for the help. Gday...
  2. they give really low price.... i tried before....better sell on e bay...or send me some pics....i will ask around for you....;;)
  3. what kind of bags are you selling? thanks.
  4. i tin u will have better luck selling on eBay
  5. dont' sell there.they give you like maybe 30% of the retail price of your bag depending on your condition. if the condition is not brand new. they probably give you like 15% :sad: they quoted a good condition LV mini monogram lucille pm for 1200 HKD
  6. Hi, the resell prices are really low in HK. It's slightly better in Singapore. For 80% new chanels in hard to find designs eg coco cabas, you get between 40 to 50% of original retail price. You'll need to have invoices, authencity cards and dust bag. For flaps, the resale price is really very low. Sometimes only $500 is offered for classic flaps!!
  7. where can we sell bags in Singapore?
    If i want to sell chloe what do they need? are they need invoices?
  8. I'm not sure of the shop's name but I know there's one in Far East Plaza.
  9. Hi, u can try prestige collector at amara hotel or united square, mdm milan at raffles exchange or the attic place at far east shopping centre (next to wheelock place). It's better to have the invoice but it's ok if you don't have it. Having the dust bag is also good.;)
  10. i sold some of my LV yesterday:
    speedy 30 for US$200
    cabas piano for US$250
    the price is not that bad, coz they sit in my closet for 5 yrs already
  11. thx guyssss..thats a really helpful information, anyone know the phone number is?
    thx a bunch again
  12. Sorry all, I was out of town for a few days n just came back. THANKS for all the tips. Good to know that singapore has better price. I will be stop over at singapore for 4 days before flying to HK, I will try my luck there. I just want to sell the Balenciaga Paprika SGH Work which is brand new ( I bought that last month n noticed that it is too big for me) n LV neo speedy 2nd. I just sold my brand new Neo Cabby GM aswell ( which I regret after purchased). FYI, I hv a very bad habit, When I crave for a certain bag n buy it, I sometimes end up losing my excitement n regret it. I just wondering do u guys have the same experience like me? Or just me who r sick?::nogood:

    To PEEPEE do you mean you sold them to singapore or HK? Which shop did u sell them to if u don't mind telling. Thx alot.:smile: