HELP - PLEEEEASSSE help me find Violet Work with SGH

  1. After all the pics on here I soooo NEED this bag and its been a while since I NEEDED a bag!

    Any help you gals can give to help me hunt it down would be greatly appreciated
  2. contact Balenciaga Paris they should have it in stock and there's no waiting list.
  3. What about LuisaViaRoma? Are they already out of stock? Nevermind...just checked their website...looks like they are out of stock on that color/style/hardware combo!
  4. :tup: I put my name on the waitinglist at BalNY.
    But I think if I don`t get the violet workbag, I`m gona
    be happy with the pine work with sgh.
    Totally love the greens.....:nuts:
  5. Hey i Pm'd you. Good luck