1. Okay...I just called my SA. She is with a client at the moment. I want to get some advice from you guys before I call her again.

    I have a serious 'itchness' for Kelly pouchette. My question is..should I get croc KP vs. box vs. swift???

    AND!!! then, what color and HW??? I am really confused...I like all of them!:p Which combination (skin, color & HW) do YOU like the best? Thanks~!:flowers:
  2. ^^Oh, come on, Aspen, we know you're going for the croc!!!:p
  3. If there is a croc Kelly Pouchette available, I would grab that.... especially if it was in a classic colour.
  4. aspen aka croc addict .... of course croc!

    I have yet to see a bright coloured croc KP but if you can get one, grab it!

    I saw a Ficelle Lizard KP recently and it's gorgeous!!!! Best colour in lizard IMO.
  5. you are joking right? exotic all the way babe :tup:
  6. Croc!!!
  7. Black Croc- gold HW
  8. I like the pochettes in Croc versus Box since they are handheld. Less scratching concerns with Croc. Can't wait to see what you decide!!
  9. croc croc croc.
  10. croooooc! yummy, esp if black w/gh!
  11. mhmm but also a nice option is (as i know you loove reds if i remember right) rouge vif croc with palladium hardware. its is fabulous true blood red a little more subdued than lets say braise so can go from semi formal to formal . or whataout rouge h but in matte (don´t like it personally in shiny) as an casual alternative. sometimes when you need a clutch but neither browns nor black would do i find a subdued red perfect
  12. matte natural barenia croc with PH or GH!
  13. :yes::yes::yes:
  14. [​IMG]
    You are SOOO FUNNYYYYYY!!!! I love you guys!!!... all of you! You guys make me laugh alot!!!
  15. Croc all the way!!!!
    Though Box, Swift is great too....get a all of them~~~!!!