help please

  1. Hello,
    about 10 days ago I won a bag on eBay.
    I immediately paid through paypal and contacted the seller asking for the tracking number of the package (the shipping costed me 20 £, from England to Italy).
    Seller sent the bag last Friday through airmail, obviously with no tracking number , and bag hasn't arrived yet (but I'm no concerned about it, it can take longer).
    Now, do you think 20 £ is a fair price for a pack from UK to Italy? She asked 10 £ for a package do be delivered in Uk.
    moreover, I stated more than once that I wanted a tracking number, so I think she may have told me that the price was for an airmail dispatch, we could have agreed a different shipping.
    Should I tell her? I don't want to make too much fuss because it was my first bid on eBay and I don't want her to leave me a negative, even though she should have already left a feedback since I paid immediately as she wanted...
    what should I do? Ask her to leave me a feedback without mentioning all the shipping issue?
  2. Hi, Shipping from the Uk is very expensive. They have a new system now where a parcel goes by measurements rather than weight. Only smallish parcels can go by international signed for a larger parcel can cost up to 56GBP (46 + 10 insurance of 500) Buyers do not understand this as shipping is much cheaper in other countries. Also Paypal take their percentage even from the shipping costs. which is unfair as no profit on shipping. I think that you should certainly have been sent a tracking number I send that immediately I have posted. If it was only posted on Friday give it a few more days to arrive.
    You have paid on time there is no reason for her to leave negative feedback
  3. Thank for your info, I didn't know about UK prices and about paypal taking percentage from shipping cost. the bag is a Dior saddle, so not big but I think a bit heavy because of the metal hardware.
    I'm not worried about delivery, last time I had a parcel sent form UK was during Christmas time and it took 3 weeks!
  4. Ditto, ditto, ditto! I spend a lot of time explaining to buyers overseas that I am not ripping them off, it really is that expensive to send things overseas. What's more the system is so confusing with certain weight and size limits pushing you into different tarrifs and even different services e.g. Royal Mail and Parce Force.