HELP! Please!

  1. So I am new to eBay. A seller asked (after it was ended) if they could still purchase the item. How do I (or can I) Just do an invoice for that one person? Or do I have to list the whole thing again?
  2. You mean the "buyer" is interested right ? I would suggest you list it on eBay again, rather than just invoicing him, because that way you *may be* able to protect yourself from fraud
  3. yeah, the buyer.. lol. Sorry.

    SHould I just do a buy it now? I have had other transactions through eBay where I bought an item in addition to another one, and they just "put it on my tab" so to speak.
  4. I would suggest you to do the "Immediate payment required" on top of the Buy It Now option, because I too, have a few ebayers just "forgot" to pay from time to time
  5. thanks for the heads up! Thats awful!!
  6. you can also do a buyer specific auction, just list it with the buyer as the only approved buyer for it.