Help Please!

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  1. My ear has been blocked now for 5 days. It started off with a cold and still hasn't unblocked itself!!

    I don't think it is ear wax (sorry to be gross!) as I have used drops and these have done nothing!!

    Anyone got any helpful hints? Old wives tales? - any help appreciated - this is driving me nuts!!:push:
  2. Have you tried taking a decongestant? I like Advil Cold and Sinus. I have problems with my ears getting blocked when I travel on airplanes, so I take 1-2 decongestant pills before I travel and it works everytime. Hope you feel better!
  3. I thought mine were clogged because I had a cold too. . . and the pressure was getting unbearable.
    I wentot see the Doc and it was ear wax. It had compacted so he had to clean my ears out.
    I was shocked, I'm not a 'waxy ear' kinda gal and I always clean them but he said it happens sometimes.
  4. Thanks for your input - I think I am going to give it another couple of days and if not Doctor here I come!

    In the meantime if anyone else has any other ideas then please LMK! I am willing to try anything and everything! :yes:
  5. I would see a Dr ASAP and wouldn't wait.:s 5 days is already long enough !
  6. I had something similar a few years ago. It turned out to be a teeny piece dust or dirt or something. I went to my regular dr. three times before going to a specialist. He diagnosed the problem immediately. He used a small hand-held vacuum type machine and gently sucked the particle out. It didn't hurt at all and the relief was instant.

    Good luck to you!
  7. yes this happened to me when I was a teen :yes: I was surprised.
  8. This may sound weird, but it works!

    Get a cotton ball and pour some rubbing alcohol on it. A good amount, not dripping wet, but fairly saturated. Place it in the blocked ear and place moderate pressure to hold it in place in your ear. Now here is the crazy part...Lean your blocked ear toward your shoulder and jump up and down on one foot (the opposite foot of your blocked ear)

    The alcohol seems to draw out blocked fluids or wax or whatever.

    This always worked for me when I have traveled on planes with a cold and afterwards my ears seemed to be blocked for ages. It has also just worked on my Mother-in-law who had been blocked for a week!

    An old family remedy from my Norwegian father...

    Hope this helps!:yes:
  9. LOL Yes, that is what I have always done when they get water in them after swimming!

    I had no idea I was celebrating Norway! :smile:
  10. When I was young he used to give me a "special tea" when I was really sick with the flu or really bad cramps...come to know now that his secret remedy was actually tea with brandy!

    He used to boil a turnip with some brown sugar and let the vapors fill our rooms when we had stuffy heads
    :yucky: :yucky:

    He is full of special remedies. Don't know how "Nowegian" they actually are but as he was born and raised in Norway I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  11. Another thing I read once... sometimes after you have your hair cut a tiny snippet can drop into your ear causing all sorts of discomfort. I know it sounds odd, but the article said it happens occasionally.