Help please :)

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  1. Hi ladies, it's the first time I've posted here and I'd really appreciate your advice :smile:, I'm looking into getting the Prisima tote and I'd really like to know abit about how this bag wears, does it age well? How resilient is the leather? And what about the straps?(they look thin) how much do you carry in it and how much weight can it hold comfortably? Can you wear every day.

    This is the bag, it looks alittle different to some I've seen,
    Thank you in advance :smile:
  2. Anyone? :smile:
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  4. I don't have one - only Roccos, but its a very pretty bag!

    I would assume it would age well. I think with a lighter bag I would be more worried about color transfer............but one day I would like to try other Wang bags.......its on my list but I was thinking of getting it in black.

    Sorry I could not give you an owner's perspective:sad:
  5. Thanks for your reply :smile: I think I'm going to go for it it's just I would be so worried that the leather will be delicate and will mark easily or the straps won't hold up well?
  6. I think the straps are more resilient than you'd expect, I had the other version of the Prisma for a short period of time and was impressed by the strength of the thin straps. That being said, you'll be the first one to own this bag in this forum I believe because it's a different version of the Prisma tote, so please send us some mod pics and reviews of it :smile: I always enjoy hearing what others think!