Help Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am new to the purse forum, and relatively new to the LV craze. I am about to purchase my first LV on my mini vacation to Las Vegas. I have never visited so i am very excited.Could any of you please let me know where is the best place in Vegas to buy Louis Vuitton. I am so afraid of the fake ones, and i want to make sure i get the real thing. Leaving in a few days, please hurry. I am impressed by this forum and all of your amazing collections. More power to you ladies. Thank you !!!:yes:
  2. There's a ton of LV shops on the Vegas strip. Fashion Mall has a standalone one and one in their Saks, the Wynn's one is great really enjoyed my expierence there, Caesars Forum Shops has one as well.
  3. there's also an lv counter in neiman's in fashion mall.
  4. I think the one in Caesars Forum shops is too busy.
  5. Welcome to PF..

    You should visit all LV boutiques while you are in Vegas. Have fun!
  6. ^^^lol, that's what I do too ;)
  7. I like the one inside the Wynn.
  8. Wynn Hotel
    Fashion Show Mall: boutique, Sak's, Neiman Marcus
    Forum Shops at Caesar's

    Probably the least busy would be at the mall, but Wynn and Forum stay open the latest.
  9. Don't worry about fakes when you go to the LV boutique! Which styles are you thinking about?
  10. I sent you an answer as a reply to you collection, please let me know what you think. I apologise for posting my answer there but i am still learning my way in the forum and how to post the treads. I hope it is OK. Once again thank you and other ladies for helping this new LV lunatic. You're all awesome indeed!!!
  11. As long as you buy from a boutique, you're safe! ;)
  12. Welcome to tPF!! I've never been to any of the LV stores in Las Vegas, but wouldn't it be great fun for you to visit all of them so that the next time you're there, you know exactly where to go for more LV? :graucho: Welcome to the dark side......hehehe
  13. I had a good experience with Elaine Lin. She used to work at LV Saks. Now, she is an assistant manager in LV Neiman Marcus. Both Saks and Neiman are inside the Fashion Show Mall. Good luck and have fun in Vegas!