Help please...

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  1. Hi to all :smile: Need a little advice on something. I'm a newbie bag addict and I bought an LV Manhattan PM around 3 months ago. I noticed when I got the box from elux and opened it that the brass hardware (is that what you call it?) on the handles were a bit tarnished on some parts. What do you think of this? Should I complain? Can I take it to any LV store? Thanks!!!
  2. im not sure.. try the boutique... but maybe ask around some more..
  3. You should exchange it if you are not happy with the brass ware.
  4. def go to a store, with reciept, and question it. let us know how it goes.
  5. You can bring it into any LV store and they can change the hardware for you.:yes:
  6. I'm sorry, this might be a stupid question but, what's 1866? :shrugs: :yes:
    Maybe I should go to the store and ask them :s
  7. 1-866-vuitton! It's the national number for Vuitton.
  8. ^Oops! I knew it was a stupid question, thanks. Learning the ropes slowly here...:smile:
  9. Welcome papillon216! Since you bought it from Elux, chat w/their rep or call them to get an exchange, you have 60 days from date of purchase to exchange/refund. So definitely take it to store and ask their opinion first prior contact Elux. Good luck!
  10. Bring it into the store, that would be your best bet.
  11. There is no such thing as a stupid question!:p
  12. For the money you spent on the bag, damn straight you should take it back or call. *snaps fingers in a Z*
  13. Manhattan PM is a nice bag dont let that detail bother you go to the store with your receipt and check out what you can do :smile:
  14. Congrats on your bag, I love Manhattan PM. I agree with the other ladies, you have paid a lot of money and have a right to be totally happy with your purchase so I would return it or go to the store for advise.
  15. call eluxury or your nearest boutique...see what they can do for you...