Help please!!!

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  1. Hello all, i would really love your help. I love the look of the rings in the 1st pic. I have found the brand and where to get the skull ring. I think the other diamond ring is Vanrycke (see second pic) but im not sure? does anyone ekse have any ideas. It could be too thin for the look i want... (if you look at the 3rd pic of the chain on the Vanrycke heart ring looks thiner?) opinions and help PLEASE :smile:
    260084405_0c580ffc9369.jpg 11-01-222-rwd-rose-gold_1.jpg jh.jpg
  2. Wow they are both beautiful! Where is the skull ring from? And the small diamond one looks like a dbty in ring version :biggrin:
  3. I recently received a Tiffany brochure in the mail and the dbty ring was in there in a white metal. Could it be Tiffany?
  4. ^ Or Dior, Mimioui collection, they come in various different metals (WG, YG and RG) and gems
  5. I saw the chain/diamond ring on the Tiffany site. I don't remember if it was white or yellow gold. Somehow I'm not thinking a chain ring would be very sturdy though, especially a chain as fine as that.
  6. Agree the chain diamond ring is from Tiffany. I saw it on their website just a few days ago. Not sure how steady it is either.
  7. I have an Hermes Kio ring which is the same concept as the DBtY ring. No problems so far.
  8. I was going to say Dior fine jewels as well! :smile:
  9. Is there a YG dbty ring from Tiffany? I saw a dbty ring on the Tiffany site, but it's made of sterling silver. I wonder if they have it in yellow gold. It looks dainty and pretty lovely when worn.:smile:
  10. You may be right. It was in SS rather than gold.