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  1. I wonder what is the color of this (maybe) CLUNY officially called?
    I had it for a couple years, all I remember is the name maybe called Cluny, and it's from the EPI line (as we all know, lol). Now I try to sell it on eBay, so need some accurate information about it, no idea how much should I start with, 99c? Perhaps. A Buy It Now for $329 would be cool... Dose anyone know a bit about this baby?
    A million thanks to y'all...:yes:
  2. I think that is the color fawn
  3. It is called fawn... I bought the exact same cluny epi for my sister...:yes: :yes:
  4. Yes, this colour was called fawn.
  5. Is that the current picture of your fawn color cluny in epi? What does the interior look like today?
  6. Would most people (buyers) understand what FAWN exact means/looks like? How can I make it more descriptive?
    'Cause my camera sucks... every pic seems a little bit different.
    How much dose it worth now? Yeah, we know how much do it coast at the beginning, since so many years passed... I don't want to ask too much, and don't want to lose too much...ah, inconsistent
  7. The interior looks like: (I just took these pics few days ago)

  8. 11 years old, some stains interior, exterior seem pretty good condition. Yes, I think most LV buyers would know the color 'fawn' in the early and mid-90's.
    Your buy it now price is very fair too. I wouldn't start off your auction so low, just a thought. If I remember correctly I paid a little over high $900. with tax.. Hope some of this info will help you...
  9. Both the style, cluny and color, fawn are discountinued.
  10. twinkle.tink....:cutesy: of course it's discontinued... I think the OP was asking for advice for selling.... :flowers::flowers:
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